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Video: Road Signs You Must Know for the Oregon DMV Exam

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Oregon Road Signs for the Oregon DMV Exam

When you study for your Oregon DMV test, you must learn all the road signs described in the official Driver Manual from Oregon Driver and Motor Vehicle Services.

This video with sample questions and answers can help you verify that you know the most important signs.

Video with Questions about Oregon Road Rules

To verify that you have learned important road rules and Oregon traffic laws, you can study this video:  Oregon DMV Test – 2020

You should also prepare for your Oregon DMV Exam with our interactive tests that gives you instant feedback and brief explanations. They help you learn and verify your knowledge much faster.


Low Clearance

Low Clearance. The overpass ahead has low clearance. Do not proceed if your vehicle is too tall to pass under it.


Hill. A steep grade is ahead.


Roundabout. There is a roundabout intersection ahead.

U.S. Route

U.S. Route. Route signs show you which route you are on and if the road is an interstate, U.S. route, or state highway. This is a U.S. Route sign.

Keep Right

Keep Right. A traffic island, median or obstruction divides the road ahead. Keep to the right.

Do Not Pass

Do Not Pass. This sign indicates that you may not pass other vehicles for any reason.

Lane-Use Control

Lane-Use Control. This sign is used where turns are required or permitted from lanes as shown.


Chevron. A sharp change in the direction of the road is at the sign.

Lane Reduction

Lane Reduction. The indicated lane ends soon. Vehicles in that lane must merge into the through lane.

Reversing Curves

Reversing Curves. The road ahead curves to the right, then left.

 One Way  One Way

One Way. Traffic on intersecting road flows only in the direction of the arrow.

No U Turn

No U Turn. You cannot turn around and go back in the same direction at this intersection.


Crossroad. A four-way intersection is ahead. Cross traffic may enter the road.

Divided Highway Ends

Divided Highway Ends. This sign indicate the end of a divided highway. Keep to the right.

Signal Ahead

Signal Ahead. A traffic signal is ahead. Slow down and be ready to stop.

Reduced Speed Limit Ahead

Reduced Speed Limit Ahead. Gradually slow to the indicated speed.

Safety Corridor

Safety Corridor. Safety corridors are designated stretches of highway with more fatal and serious injury crashes than the statewide average. Turn on your lights for safety. Signs identifying safety corridors may include diamond shaped flags.

Road Sign Colors. The video also has question about the colors of road signs. Read more about the basic colors here.

PDF-version of all the signs in this video:Download PDF.


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