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Video: Oregon DMV Test – 2021

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Oregon DMV Exam Questions and Answers

This video has 35 DMV questions and answers for your Oregon Driver License or Learner Permit exam.

The video is created specifically for the Oregon DMV test with question from our large question bank. You can find all answers in the Driver Manual from Oregon Driver and Motor Vehicle Services. Always make sure you have the latest version.

Questions on your official knowledge exam are from this manual.

Video with Oregon Road Signs

To verify that you have learned the most important road signs, you can study this video:  Road Signs You Must Know for the Oregon DMV Exam.


1. Which distance should you keep from an emergency vehicle on its way to an emergency?

2. Which is the best advice if you encounter an aggressive driver on the road?

3. When stopping at a railroad crossing with no stop line, you must stop at least:

4. When stopped by a police vehicle, you should:

5. When you park on a hill headed uphill and there is a curb, you should turn your front wheels:

This sign means

6. This sign means:

7. If you run off the pavement, you should:

8. The Zero Tolerance Law applies to drivers:

This sign means

9. This sign means:

10. When turning in the direction of a green arrow, you:

11. Drivers can improve gas mileage or save fuel by:

12. When an accident report is required, it must be filed:

13. Once you have entered a roundabout, you should:

14. Child passengers must be secured in approved child safety seats until they are:

15. Emotions affect your driving. If you feel angry, excited, or upset, you should:

16. If you need to pull off the road and stop on the shoulder because of thick fog, you should:

17. If you are being followed too closely or tailgated by another vehicle, you should:

18. An oncoming vehicle has high beams on. If the driver fails to dim the lights, you should:

19. Tractor-trailers and large vehicles:

20. 100 feet before turning left or right, you must:


21. A vehicle carrying this sign:

22. Which is a frequent cause of collisions between motorcycles and other motor vehicles?

23. Unless otherwise posted, which is the legal speed limit in a school zone?

24. You drive defensively when you:

25. Your cell phone rings while you are driving. Which is the best thing to do?

26. To avoid getting accidentally trapped on a railroad crossing, you should:

27. Unmarked crosswalks exist:

28. At intersections with stop signs in all four directions:

29. What should you do when you approach a work zone?

30. The best way to drive through a sharp curve is:

31. You must yield to a pedestrian using a white cane or guide dog:

32. After passing a car and before returning to your lane, you should:

33. If you drive slower than the flow of traffic on a multi-lane highway, you should:

34. When following a truck and there is a single-lane construction zone ahead, you should:

35. When a school bus with flashing red lights is stopped on a four-lane road with a painted turn lane:


Oregon DMV Test Questions & Answers - Driver's Prep

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