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Video: Louisiana Driver License Test Answers

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Louisiana OMV License Test Answers

This video is designed to give you some sample questions and answers for the Louisiana driver license test.

The official OMV test in Louisiana has 40 questions about road rules, Louisiana vehicle laws, traffic signals, and common road signs.

When you aren’t sure about the answers shown in the video, look up the answers in the Louisiana Class D & E Driver’s Guide. Even if some things change over time, most answers should still be the same. If not, please let us know.

You can get your Driver’s Guide from a local OMV office or download it online.

Questions and answers in this video are specific for the Louisiana knowledge test and may not apply to all states in USA. Wording is often the same as in the Driver’s Guide or on the real test. You should, however, be aware that the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles draw questions from a large pool of test questions, which means that you may not see the exact same questions on your official knowledge exam.

Each exam is different!

When study videos aren’t enough to help you prepare for the exam, use our interactive practice tests. They give you instant feedback and brief explanations.

The official OMV knowledge exam has 40 questions. You must reach a score of at least 80% to pass. This means that you can only miss 8 of the 40 questions.

The passing rate in Louisiana is low, so prepare well for your exam.

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You should note that Driver’s Prep is not affiliated with Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles. You cannot take the official knowledge test on the website.

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