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Updated Hawaii DOT Practice Tests

We have reviewed and updated our Hawaii DOT Practice Tests for your instruction permit or full driver’s license.

The practice tests here at are designed for use as a guide to help you qualify for a Hawaii driver’s license or permit and become a safer driver. They are designed specifically for the State of Hawaii.

More Than 500 Questions

With more than 500 practice questions in the database, our practice tests cover all aspects of the Hawaii Drivers Manual. Even if you can study and pass the exam solely by using our practice tests, we encourage you to get a copy of the driver’s manual and read it carefully.

Hawaii DOT draws each question on the final permit exam from this manual.

Known “Error” in the 2015 Version

In 2003, Hawaii Department of Transportation updated the driver’s manual regarding parking on hills. The change reflected what is included in most state manuals and what is being taught in driver education classes. When parking uphill, you should turn your front wheels away from the curb, letting your vehicle roll back a few inches until the rear of one front wheel touches the curb. (Read more on how to park on hills and why you should turn your wheels the “other” way: Parking on Hills.)

Unfortunately, this update was removed again from the issue published in September 2015. Back to “old school” in other words. Hopefully, a mistake that will be corrected in the later editions.

Parking on hills from Hawaii Drivers Manual

Removed Practice Questions

The issue published in September 2015 also removed several of the practice questions that came with photographs from real-life situations. They were a great help for new drivers, and it is a pity that Hawaii Department of Transportation has removed them (even if some photos seemed to have been there since the fifties).

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