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DMV Test: How to Back Up Your Car

Young Woman - Copyright:  Vitaly Valua For your road test, it is important that you know how to back up your car or drive it in reverse. One or two questions about backing up may also show up on your written DMV test. If you still have your written exam ahead you, there are some important points you should remember for the written examination. Then, when you have your learner's permit, make sure that you go through them again and practice driving in reverse until you feel comfortable with it. Do you have a backup camera? Then, learn how to back up both with it and without it.
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What You Should Do When Being Passed

DMV Questions about Lane Use & Being Passed If another vehicle passes you on the left on a two-way highway, decrease your speed slightly and keep to the right. It is important to never increase speed, If you find that you are being passed on the right by many vehicles, you are probably driving slower than the flow of traffic. Move over to the right. Before moving over to the right, make sure you check your blind spot. It is often harder to see vehicles on your right side. Be particularly aware of small vehicles, like motorcycles. Other things to learn for your DMV test is found in the full article...
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Things to Remember about Interstate Highway Driving

Interstate Highway Driving - When you practice for your permit test and the DMV written test you should pay special attention to information about driving on interstates and controlled-access highways. Questions about interstate highway driving are very likely to show up on your DMV written test, no matter if you are a first-time permit applicant or just taking a re-examination.
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Getting Arrested for Drunk Driving

Arrested for drunk driving - NHTSA image library What should you do if your are being pulled over and arrested on suspicion of drunk driving? Here are some simple tips you should remember. If you know your rights and can stay calm, you’ll keep your dignity, and the sooner you can write the whole thing off.
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