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Video: Study for Your Utah Written Knowledge Test

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The Written Knowledge Test in Utah

Before Utah Driver License Division issues your first Learner Permit or Class D Driver License, you must pass a written knowledge test.

In Utah, this test has 50 questions, and you must answer at least 40 questions correctly. Questions are multiple-choice and true-or-false.

To prepare for the test, you should always get the latest version of the Utah Driver Handbook , issued by the Department of Public Safety (Driver License Division). Everything you need to learn for your written knowledge exam is described in this handbook.

Practice tests are a proven way of verifying your knowledge and learning faster. Don’t miss the opportunity to take our free practice test with many of the real exam questions for a Utah permit or driver license.

The video shows 50 sample questions, including road signs, Utah traffic laws, and safe driving practices.

2019 Utah Permit Practice & Driver License Test - Driver's Prep

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At a flashing red light:
You must always come to a complete stop.

Your car may start to hydroplane only if your speed is over 55 mph.

Double dashed yellow lines to either side of a travel lane indicate:
A flex lane.

When driving beside a motorcycle, you must give the motorcycle a full lane.

Blind spots are areas:
That are not covered by your mirrors.

If you drive while your driver license is suspended, you may be sentenced to jail for 90 days.

When this sign is displayed on the rear of a vehicle, it means that:
The vehicle is moving at a speed of not more than 25 mph.

When passing a bicyclist, Utah law requires a minimum distance of two feet from the bicyclist.

If you become stranded while traveling in cold weather:
It is best to stay with your vehicle.
Keep the exhaust pipe clear of snow and de-bris.
Turn on your hazard warning lights.
(All answers are correct.)

It is hard to steer while backing a vehicle.

Which light indicates that you should slow down and proceed with caution at an intersection?
Flashing yellow

Driving at night is easier and less dangerous than driving in daylight.

Unless otherwise posted, the speed limit when driving in a school zone is 10 mph.

You should signal:
Anytime you pull away from a curb.
For two seconds or more before making a turn.
Before making a lane change.
(All answers are correct.)

When parking next to a curb, your car should be no more than 12 inches from the curb.

Crossing double white lines that separate express lanes from the general-purpose lanes:
Is unsafe and always illegal.

Your tires have less traction on gravel or dirt roads.

A penny test is an easy way of checking:
Tire wear.

When no train is coming, you may drive around a lowered crossing gate at a railroad crossing.

When sleet, freezing rain or snow starts to fall, which are likely to freeze first?

After alcohol enters the blood stream, it reaches your brain in 20 to 40 minutes.

Which is the legal limit for DUI in Utah?

Utah law prohibits all drivers from the use of a cell phone while driving.

Which is true about large vehicles?
They have much larger blind spots than cars.

It is illegal to smoke at any time when a child 15 years of age or younger is in the vehicle.

Bicycles are not considered vehicles and bicyclists don't have the same rights and responsibilities as motorists.

You must not follow within 500 feet of any fire vehicle responding to an alarm.

When backing a vehicle, you should back slowly.

On a two-direction roadway, passing is permitted:
If there is a dashed yellow center line is on your side.

If arrested and asked to take chemical tests for alcohol or drugs, you may choose which test to take.

Before entering a traffic circle, you must yield to the traffic and pedestrians in the circle.

If your vehicle breaks down on a highway, you should:
Get your vehicle off the roadway.
Warn other roadway users.
Get everyone out and away from the car.
(All answers are correct.)

Unless otherwise posted, the speed limit in any business or residential area is 40 mph.

Drivers under the age of 18 may use a handheld cell phone while driving:
During a medical emergency.

You are not allowed to park in front of a private driveway.

Some vehicles must always stop at all railroad crossings. These vehicles include:
School buses

To check your “blind spot”, you must turn your head and look over your shoulder.

Driver error is a factor in approximately 25% of all car crashes.

When two drivers arrive at the same time at a 4-way stop:
A driver on the left yields to the driver on the right.

Which must you obey over the other three?
A police officer.

In a traffic crash, you should always try to move anyone who appears to be seriously injured.

When you face a traffic signal with a flashing yellow arrow, oncoming traffic has:
A green light.

Headlights must be turned on no later than half an hour before sunset.

If there is a curve, you should slow down through the curve.

When approaching a stationary emergency vehicle with flashing lights, you must:
Make a safe lane change or slow down.

Note: road sign questions and all explanations are omitted in this transcript. Watch the video for signs, all choices, and explanations.


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