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Video 2: Arizona MVD Written Test – 30 questions

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Arizona Study Video for the MVD Written Test

This is video number two in our series of study videos for the Arizona MVD Written Test. It shows 30 common questions and answers you should know for the license exam.

Be smart when you prepare for your AZ MVD written test. Start by checking out the Arizona Driver’s Manual. The manual describes everything you need to learn for your test, including road signs, traffic signals, safe driving techniques, and Arizona traffic laws.

Read the manual at least once!

Continue with the interactive practice tests.


Why Online Practice Tests Help

The main purpose of a practice test is to help you make sure that you have understood the contents of the driver’s manual. It gives you hint of areas that you might have missed when studying the manual. It is a good idea to read up on these items and practice some more.

Practice tests also give you an idea of what kind of questions MVD will ask on the real written test but remember that each test is random. There is no way of knowing which questions you will get on your test. Read this article to make sure you understand how the random tests work: Is it the Same Questions on the Real DMV Test?

When you reach a full score on each practice test, you are probably ready for the real thing. But don’t attempt the exam too soon. The more time you spend with the manual and our practice tests, the more your brain will absorb and the better your chances of passing are.

This and Other Arizona Study Videos

The purpose of our videos is to offer a quick recap of some important questions and answers. Most people use them when they are on the go, or just before they take on the real MVD Written Test.

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Arizona MVD Written Test - Video 2 by
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