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Work Zone Answers You Must Know for Your DMV Test

Who is at most risk in a road work zone? A driver or a road worker? You may be surprised to learn that, on average, 85 percent of all deaths in work zones are drivers and passengers in cars. That is why work zone safety may be emphasized on your DMV test. There are several things you should know and several signs and signals you must be able to identity.
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Distracted Driving Among Teenagers

Young woman writing sms while driving - Photo copyright: dmitrimaruta Teenage drivers pose the highest crash rates in all of US. Studies show that distracted driving behavior was affected by various factors including the number of passengers, their type and age Understand the prime cause of accidents and what behaviors that must be avoided. If you are studying for a learner's permit, expect your DMV knowledge test to include questions about distracted driving,
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Your Teen’s Learner’s Permit – A Parent’s Guide

Here are three things need to know when your teen wants to get a learner's permit and start driving. First, you need to be familiar with your state's requirements, whether you're just starting to teach your teen to drive or turning him loose for the first time. You must know the restrictions on teen drivers during the learner's permit phase.
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