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New York DMV Road Signs Quiz – Signs you Must Know

This Practice Test
  Number of questions on each road sign quiz: 4
  Question pool: 16
  Type of test: Random multiple-choice



Remember, there are 16 signs you must know for the DMV test. Take this quiz again?

Take the road sign quiz again!

Remember, there are 16 signs you must know for the DMV test. Take this quiz again?

Take the road sign quiz again!

#1. This road sign means:

Steep hill ahead. Slow down and be ready to shift to lower gear to control speed and protect brakes from damage.

#2. This sign means:

Eight-sided red stop signs mean you must make a full stop. Stop before entering a crosswalk or at a white limit line. If a crosswalk or limit line is not painted on the street, stop at the corner without entering the intersection.

#3. This sign means:

Traffic signal ahead. Slow down and be prepared to stop, if necessary.

#4. When you see this sign, you must:

Keep right. A divided highway or traffic island where traffic must keep right is ahead. Stay on the right side of the divider.

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New York DMV Knowledge Examination

The DMV driver license test in New York has 20 questions, of which four address common road signs.

The four road signs are picked from a group of 16 signs that you must recognize and understand.

To pass your test, you must answer two of these four road signs questions correctly.

Knowing the 16 signs that can appear on your New York knowledge test is a good way to make sure you will pass the real state exam.

New York Road Sign Quiz

This Road Signs Practice Quiz

Just like the real New York state examination, this practice test pulls four of the 16 road signs in each set.

Take the test a few times to make sure you get them all.

Then, proceed with the complete knowledge test New York DMV Knowledge Test .

Be aware that this is not the real test and that questions on the test you take at the DMV may be slightly different. is not affiliated with any State or Government Entity.


  1. I have a learner’s permit test in two days, this site has been useful for practice.

  2. George Patten June 16, 2021

    Many thanks for this helpful site. I especially appreciate the explanations whenever a wrong answer is chosen. It’s a useful companion to the dull DMV manual.

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