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What does the Basic Speed Law Mean?

The basic speed law means you must drive at a safe and appropriate speed under existing conditions. When special hazards exist with respect to pedestrians or other traffic or by reason of weather or highway conditions, you can get a ticket if you drive at the posted speed limit and fail to adjust your speed.
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What You Must Do After a Car Accident

You are likely to see at least one of two types of questions about car accidents on your DMV test. One deals with what you can do to prevent accidents, the other what you should do after an accident. Both are equally important for your written knowledge test. Knowing the answers is also important for staying safe on the road.
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How to Prevent Head-On Collisions

A head-on collision means that two vehicles crash into each other, front-ends first. Head-on collisions are not very common, but often result in fatalities and/or serious injuries.

Learn what to do if a vehicle drifts into your lane or a vehicle enters the highway the wrong way.

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What to Do After a Fender-Bender

Call the Police - copyright: Cathy Yeulet For your written DMV test, there are several things you must learn and understand about accidents and fender-benders. These items are very likely to show up on a written exam. After a fender-bender, many drivers just want to move on and put the incident behind them. It is, however, important that you know exactly what is required of you.
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When Your Car Plunges into Water

If your vehicle leaves the road and lands in deep water, it will sink in a few minutes. You must know what to do in an emergency like this. Make every attempt to get out of the vehicle immediately. Because of the nose-down position in the water, it is usually very hard or even impossible to open a door. If the door don't open, focus on your windows.

If you cannot open the door or window, there will be a small air pocket near the part of the vehicle which is highest in the water, usually the back seat.
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