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2015 Update of Massachusetts Practice Permit Tests

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Massachusetts Practice Permit Tests Reviewed and Updated

The 100% FREE online RMV permit practice tests for Massachusetts have been reviewed and updated. More than 250 new question have been added to the database. Questions are directly from the latest information and Driver’s Manual from MassDOT Registry of Motor Vehicles.

New Law in 2015

Among the updates in our permit practice tests are questions about the new law about use of headlights. Like many other States, drivers in Massachusetts are now required to turn on their headlights whenever they use their windshield wipers due to inclement weather. Daytime running lights are no longer sufficient.

Comments Updated

Most comments to our answers have also been reviewed and updated to match the recent changes in the RMV Driver’s Manual. This makes it easier to find the appropriate chapter in the RMV manual. When you take our RMV practice tests it is a good idea to go back manual and make sure you fully understand the answer.

Why People Fail Their First RMV Knowledge Test

All practice tests are designed to strengthen deeper knowledge and stimulate reflection. To get ahead of the crowd, you should not try to just memorize answers. People who fail their first RMV knowledge test don’t pay enough attention to what is asked and have often tried to just memorize phrases, instead of really understanding Massachusetts rules of the road and safe driving. In other words, there is no substitute for true learning.

Stay curious, ask yourself how and why. Study with a friend and try to explain rules of the road with your own words. This will pay off.

Efficient, Reliable and Professional Tests

Driver’s Prep are committed to provide you with efficient, reliable and professional service. This means that you can always ask for additional information if you feel that any of our answers are insufficient or wrong. You should, however, know that answers and explanations are always available in the Driver’s Manual.

What Questions Will be on the Real Knowledge Test?

Massachusetts practice tests are exactly that; practice tests! You should use them to verify how well prepared you are for the real knowledge test. The real permit questions can be drawn from any part of the driver’s manual and are totally random. You will typically see questions about road signs, right-of-way, alcohol misuse, suspensions, and restrictions placed on your permit or Junior License.

How Many Questions Are There on the Permit Knowledge Test?

Your permit exam will have 25 multiple-choice questions. You have 25 minutes to correctly answer at least 18 questions, which is a passing score of 72%. This is a lower score than most States, most experts will say that it is too low.

The allotted time of 25 minutes is usually more than enough, even if it doesn’t appear to be. It is a good idea to use your full minute for each question. Read the question carefully and try to answer it before you look at the choices. Then, read ALL the choices before choosing your answer. Don’t jump to quick conclusions based on what looks familiar.

Don’t add you own information to a question. Remember, Everything you need to pick the correct answer is in the question or the choices. There are no trick questions.

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