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What You Should Do When Being Passed

DMV Questions about Lane Use & Being Passed

Being Passed

If another vehicle passes you on the left on a two-lane highway, decrease your speed slightly and keep to the right. This will help the other driver to pass safely. It is especially important to slow down if the other vehicle lingers on your left side or when you are driving in heavy traffic and there are small gaps between vehicles.

When the vehicle has safely passed and is ahead of you, continue your normal speed. Never increase your speed while you are being passed; it may put the other driver in danger.

Being Passed on the Right

If you find that you are being passed on the right by many vehicles, you are probably driving slower than the flow of traffic. Even if you are driving at the posted speed limit, you should move into the right lane and allow other drivers to pass you on the left.

Never tie up traffic in the left lane. It is not only a common cause of road rage; it may also trigger dangerous driving maneuvers by others.

Before moving over to the right, make sure you check your blind spot. It is often harder to see vehicles on your right side. Be particularly aware of small vehicles, like motorcycles.

DMV Written Test Questions

Questions on the written DMV test will usually focus on proper lane usage. If you are driving slower than the flow of traffic you must stay in the right-hand lane. Remember, it is a violation to drive at such a slow speed as to “impede or block the normal and reasonable movement of traffic except”.

In general, the left lane should only be used when overtaking other vehicles.

If you can choose among three lanes going in your direction, pick the center lane for the smoothest driving until you are ready to exit or turn.

Blocking Traffic Put You at Risk

Blocking the flow of traffic by driving in the left lane on a multi-lane road is often an indication for a law enforcement officer to pull you over on suspicion of driving under the influence.

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