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Traffic Deaths in Pennsylvania Hit Record Low

The number of traffic deaths in Pennsylvania totaled 1,195 last year (2014). This is lowest number since 1928, when record keeping began. While fatalities dropped in many types of crashes, there were significant drops in crashes involving unbuckled drivers/passengers and drinking-driver-related crashes. Fatalities where safety belts were not used dropped from 425 to 383. Deaths in drinking-driver related crashes declined to from 342 to 294.
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Lower Speed Limit in New York City

As of November 7, 2014, the speed limit on all New York City streets is now reduced from 30 mph to 25 mph unless otherwise posted. More than 3,000 30 mph signs have been replaced by new 25 mph signs around the city. Ever since taking office, Bill de Blasio has argued that forcing motorists to slow down, even slightly, could save the lives of pedestrians. It is only five miles an hour less than the current limit, but de Blasio is convinced that the simple change will have an important effect.
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