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Tips for Cutting Down on Your Road Trip Costs

For families and lovers of the American road, a road trip is a great idea. Some of us older people set out with goals of summoning Steinbeck or Kerouac, in search of the heart of America. Others are just looking to see a few cool places while saving on the costs of airfare.

Whatever the case, if you are going to head out on a major road trip, you probably want to save a buck or two. These trips can be budget savers as long as you plan ahead and think about what you're doing. Here are some tips for keeping your road trip costs down.
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What is an Auto Insurance Premium?

An auto insurance premium what you have to pay to maintain your car insurance policy. This auto insurance premium is based on what type of car you drive, your age, gender, and many other factors. It is important to understand that car insurance companies use a variety of factors to determine your premium amount, and the exact mix of those factors are company secrets. What can you do to lower the auto insurance premium and how much should you expect to pay? We tell you some of the secrets in this article.
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Should Your Child Be on Your Auto Insurance Policy?

Kids eventually grow up and get old enough to start driving. This leaves parent's wondering if putting them on their auto insurance policy is a must-do. In general, most parents do need to put children on their auto insurance policy. This is not true for all households, however, and it depends to some degree on the current regulations in the region in which the policy is issued.
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California fines Mercury Insurance for Unapproved Broker Fees

A law in California prevents auto insurers from charging excessive rates and requires that rates be approved by the state Insurance Commissioner. From 1999 through 2004, Mercury’s insurance agents have charged consumers unapproved broker fees on more than 180,000 transactions. By doing so, the auto insurance company improperly collected $27,593,562 million from consumers, California state says. Mercury Insurance of Los Angeles has now been ordered by the California Department of Insurance to pay a fine of $27.56 million. Read more about this case.
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Illinois Temporary Visitor Driver’s License

In 2013, a new bill created the new temporary visitor driver's license program in Illinois. It allows undocumented (non-visa status) individuals to apply for a temporary visitor driver's license, also known as a TVDL. Anyone who wishes to apply must have resided in the State of Illinois for more than 12 months. The temporary visitor driver's license gives the holder the privilege to drive, it is not valid for identification purposes. The license is marked with "Not valid for identification". This means that the license cannot be used to board an airplane, enter a federal building, register to vote or apply for a Firearm Owner Identification. To apply for an Illinois temporary visitor driver's license, you must make an advance appointment at one of the 36 designated Driver Services facilities. Just like any other driver's license, you must pass a vision test, the driver knowledge test, and a behind-the-wheel road test.
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