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Worst Auto Insurance Companies in Michigan

Crashed car - by W. Robert Howell from Charlotte, NC, United States

A List by Auto Accident Attorney Steven M. Gursten

Michigan No-Fault insurance lawyer lists the worst auto insurance companies.

Auto accident attorney Steven M. Gursten claims that auto insurance companies make a lot of money by not paying on legitimate claims. He says that many of these auto insurance companies believe that you eventually will become so fed up that you’ll take a low-ball settlement offer. And that is their strategy. Delay your claim, Deny you were hurt and Defend aggressively. The 3 Ds strategy.

Gursten’s Worst Insurance Company in Michigan Award goes to Dairyland Insurance.

Seven days after a crash, the Dairyland Insurance sent a release to its own injured customers extinguishing all of their legal rights, past, present and future. The accident victim signed this release, and lost all future No-Fault insurance benefits and claims.

Insurance Company Skunk Award

Farm Bureau Insurance is Gursten’s Winner of the Insurance Company Skunk Award.

A lawyer is not supposed to stand up in court and intentionally mislead a jury. But, according to Gursten, Farm Bureau is doing this in serious auto accident injury cases every day.

Repeat Offender Award

Allstate Insurance Company and State Farm Insurance are Gursten’s Winners of his Repeat Offender Award.

Allstate cut payments as a way to boost profits. They are doing this with a computer program designed to reduce claims payouts and by pushing injury victims to accept quick but very low settlements. State Farm is the most aggressive in accusing its own customers of fraud, putting them under investigation, and fighting payments.

Auto accident attorney Steven M. Gursten was honored by Michigan Lawyers Weekly as a Lawyer of the Year. You read his list of the worst insurance companies here

Photo of crashed car by W. Robert Howell from Charlotte, NC, United States

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  1. Was in a hit and run accident on Feb,12 . 2014 . hasting mutual , my insurance co won’t pay for anything my doctor orders or prescribe for me . I was rear ended while sitting still buy a pickup truck going 55 mph . I would not buy insurance from these people .

  2. State farm has made it’s way to becoming the worst auto insurance company in Michigan. I have managed a body shop for over 20 years at a Chrysler dealership. From this experience I have seen St. Farm go from one of the better companies to the absolute worst. It starts at the top with them. The bean counters sit and find every possible way to either not pay or pay as little as possible to get a vehicle repaired. If it’s not from flat out denying a claim, it’s how they find used, aftermarket, or reman parts to replace damaged parts even if your car is one day old. They also find these parts so far away most times that it will take sometimes weeks to acquire these parts which most times either don’t fit properly or are made with such poor materials that they will fail eventually. They have also trained each employee on how to underwrite an estimate so poorly that when the shop ask for the correct amount for the repair they will tie up the claim until the customers rental coverage has expired. I could go on and on about the ways that this company screws over the shops and customers. The major problem is that they have so many customers that shops almost have to repair the cars for them and take the loss.

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