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Unlicensed Drivers Free to Drive in California?

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A new bill targeting unlicensed drivers in California will soon be on Governor Jerry Brown’s desk.

Police set up DUI checkpoints to stop DUI drivers and tow cars of unlicensed drivers, but Assembly Bill 353 is targeted to stop that. Law enforcement officers will not be allowed to cease a car or arrest a driver if their only offense is driving without a license.

Statistics say that unlicensed drivers are five times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash than licensed drivers, and about four times more likely to drive while intoxicated.

Those who support the bill argues that immigrants will be able to release a sigh of relief, not only because they’ll be able to drive without the fear of being stereotyped but because enforcement efforts will return to taking dangerous intoxicated drivers off of our roadways.

There are a number of residents who strongly oppose this bill, saying that leaving unlicensed drivers on our roadways will put everyone in danger.

Don Rosenberg is one. His son was killed back in 2010 by an unlicensed-immigrant driver. He believes that if there were stricter laws against unlicensed-immigrant drivers then this accident would never have happened.

Fresno Police Department Captain Andy Hall comments, “My big concern is if they come through without a license and we stop them, and we don’t take action, and the next day they cause a fatal or injury collision, what do I tell that family? That I couldn’t do anything… and that’s difficult for police officers to do.”

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  1. At the D.U.I. check points, only persons that appear to be breaking the law should be required to provide identification and driving/insurance paperwork. Of course persons on probation or paroll must always identify themselves regardless.

  2. At the police check points they don’t need to ask everyone for their licence, only the few that appear to be under the influence, or breaking the law, should be identified by licence. That way the police won’t know if an unlisenced

  3. Let us all drive without license.

  4. It’s all about priorities, isn’t it? I rather have the police get drunk drivers or criminals off the street, than hunt poor Mexicans. It might be true that “unlicensed drivers are five times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash”. But who are those drivers? Immigrants? Hardly. Probably Americans that got a record and their license suspended.

  5. This is stupid. It is illegal to drive without a license. Period. Of course the police must be allowed to cease their cars.

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