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Turning to the Left of Each Other

Turning left

Left Turns from Opposite Directions

The illustration above is from the Mississippi Driver’s Manual. It has the following text:

When you are approaching another driver at an intersection, and you both want to make a left turn, each of you should turn to the left of the other. Leave from the left lane and enter into the left lane.

You will find similar illustrations and paragraphs in many handbooks and manuals.

Left or Right?

But are the vehicles really turning to the left of each other?

Some users find this confusing. There is a natural left hand and right hand side to the vehicle in front of them. So aren’t you turning to the right of the other vehicle?

Forget the natural left and right hand side of the vehicle. When you turn or keep to the left of something, it is your left side.

Focus on the Center

The correct behavior in traffic is usually simple. You focus on the center or follow pavement markings. If you keep to the left of the center, you are OK.

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  1. independent turning as usually is on green arrow and are on the driver’s right hand side .

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