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Traffic Deaths in Pennsylvania Hit Record Low

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Traffic Deaths in 2014 Hit New Record Low

The number of traffic deaths in Pennsylvania totaled 1,195 last year (2014). This is lowest number since 1928, when record keeping began. While fatalities dropped in many types of crashes, there were significant drops in crashes involving unbuckled drivers/passengers and drinking-driver-related crashes. Fatalities where safety belts were not used dropped from 425 to 383. Deaths in drinking-driver related crashes declined to from 342 to 294.

Traffic deaths involving drowsy or sleeping drivers, on the other hand, increased slightly. This is also true about fatalities involving drivers ages 65 and older. At PennDOT offers information for this age group, including Mature Driver Improvement courses that are available statewide, a brochure on talking with mature drivers, and other safety tips.

Zero Deaths Vision and Safety Investments

This continues a favorable trend towards the nationwide goal of zero fatalities.

“PennDOT continuously strives to drive down crash and fatality numbers, and we ultimately want to reach zero deaths on our roads,” acting PennDOT Secretary Leslie S. Richards said when releasing the new numbers.

Every year, PennDOT invests about $20 million in safety education and enforcement efforts statewide. Over the last five years, PennDOT has also invested $50 million in low-cost safety countermeasures like centerline and edge-line rumble strips.

Pennsylvania Crash Statistics

PennDOT has released a Crash Information Tool, which is accessible at With this tool you can search data from police reports including number of crashes, people involved, or vehicles involved. The tool will not show personal data or specific police crash reports.

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