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They Want More From You in 2014

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Auto Insurance Rates

Many drivers have been frustrated with unexpected and unexplained premium hikes in car insurance the last two years. In 2013, some premiums went up 35%, and nearly all states reported hikes above 5%.

This trend is predicted to continue in 2014. The big players have already announced increases of 2% to 4% in some states.

With higher premiums it has become more important than ever to compare quotes from different companies. Prices may still vary by hundreds of dollars.

Use online tools to get quotes from different companies and check for special discounts. Always make sure that you get all the discounts available.

Health Insurance Rates

Health insurance costs are also predicted to accelerate in 2014. Premiums are already 10 to 15% higher than last year.

In California, Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones has criticized Blue Shield of California for excessive and unreasonable rate hikes.

But there is very little he, or anyone else, can do about the increases.


Food prices are predicted to rise by 2.5 to 3.5% this year, according to the USDA Consumer Price Index.

Fluid milk prices went up 1% in late 2013, and the upward trend of dairy prices will continue this year as well.

TV and Broadband

Satellite TV providers will increase their monthly prices with $2 to $5. Cable TV companies will follow, and you should expect broadband and home phone packages to be more expensive.


Most car manufacturers will increase their prices in 2014. Nissan has already announced hikes by 2% to 4%, and BMW 7% to 10%.

Gas – the Good News

Gas prices in 2014 are estimated to average $3.46 a gallon this year, which is about the same, or slightly lower than 2013.

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