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The Speed Ad: A Must See

Speed Ad - NZ Transport Agency

NZ Television Campaign

The New Zealand Transport Agency has launched a much talked about television campaign, hoping to change the way that people look at their speed when they’re driving. The video has gone viral around the world and you can watch it on YouTube.

The video has started intense discussions about how we should relate to other drivers’ traffic sense, or perhaps, the lack of it. Both drivers are shown in a disturbing argument, apologizing for their respective errors of judgment.

Room for Mistakes

The key message for this campaign is that no one should pay for a mistake with their life. When we drive, we share the road with others. The speed you choose must leave room for any potential error, no matter if it is your own mistake or another driver’s mistake.

Speeding Attitudes in U.S.

In a recent survey by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 25% admitted “speeding is something I do without thinking” and “I enjoy the feeling of driving fast.”

In addition, 16% felt that “driving over the speed limit is not dangerous for skilled drivers.

Other people make mistakes. Not you. Right?


The video on

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  1. I have valid atlanta drivers licence till 2017 can I use this in Indiana till 2017?

    • Page 3 in the Indiana Driver’s manual: when you become a resident of Indiana, you have 60 days to obtain a new Indiana driver’s license

      Ask yourself if you establish residency or not. If you are in doubt, I recommend you to contact BMV in Indiana.

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