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The Texas preparation test has been updated with new and revised questions.

All questions are now based on the 2012 version of the Driver’s Handbook. Approximately 50 new questions have been added. Each of the free Texas tests consists of 25 questions. You must correctly answer 20 questions to pass (80%).

The new handbook and the revised tests include information about the new pedestrian hybrid beacons, also known as HAWK.

Pedestrian hybrid beacons are installed at a marked crosswalk and activated by pedestrians. The light sequence includes flashing yellow, steady yellow, steady red and flashing red signals. You must know what to do when approaching these beacons and when lights are activated.

Some new signs have also been added in the handbook, as well as information about cell phone use in school zones and new limits for liability insurance.

When cities and counties establish or alter a speed limit they must now establish the same speed limit for daytime and nighttime. The differences in speed limits between daytime and nighttime have been removed.

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Remember, you can take a test as many times as you want. Each test will consist of random questions from a large pool of questions.


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  1. THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU. I migrated from the Caribbean and I must admit I was nervous to do the test. I found this site and it helped me more than the book. I practiced with the free test daily. Today I nervously went to do the written test and as I saw the questions I was relieved because this site prepared me for every possible question. I passed the test on the FIRST go with a 90% only missing 3 out of 30 questions. I told my husband that the questions on this site was more complex which pushed me to think and reason. I am grateful. THANKS!!!!!


  2. i will like to practice

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