Washington DMV Test - 25 Questions. Passingscore: 80%




Learn the Meaning of Different Traffic Signals

Your driver manual describes all different traffic signals you must obey - from the green steady light to the yellow flashing arrow.

When can you go against a steady read signal? Do you have the right-of-way when the light is green? What is a protected turn and what is an unprotected turn?

There are many things to remember about traffic lights for you DMV test. Make sure you master all of them.


What Does a Flashing Yellow Arrow Mean?

The flashing yellow arrow traffic signal means that are you allowed to turn in the direction of the arrow after yielding to all pedestrians in crosswalk and other vehicles lawfully within the intersection. This is what you must know for your written DMV test.

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Traffic signal with a steady yellow light?

You see them every day, drivers trying to beat the red light and continue against a steady yellow light. Is it illegal or not? You should understand that, in many states, there are situations when you may receive a ticket for driving against a yellow light.

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Green Arrow - Protected Turn

Do you think you know what the green arrow and a protected turn mean? Is it the same thing as having the right-of-way? Or are there situations when you must yield? What happens if you crash into another car while turning? Get the answers here.

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