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Learning all Road Signs

Safe driving means you must learn the meaning of all road signs described in your Driver Manual.

Focus on two steps when you study the road signs in your manual. First, you should know the short descriptive name of each sign, like "Slippery when Wet" and "Divided Highway Ends". Then, learn where on the highway you are likely to see these signs and what you must or should do when you approach them. Knowing what to do is just as important as recognizing signs by color, shape, and symbols.

There are several articles on driversprep.com that can help you learn more.


Basic Colors of U.S. Road Signs

Most states find shapes and colors important enough to be included in the driver manuals or driver handbooks. If they are included in your manual, you may also expect questions about them to show up on the driver examination.

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Commonly Confused Signs

You are entering a highway. Watch for any of these two signs. You must be able to tell what they mean and know what to do. On DMV tests, test takers often get them wrong.

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Know These Two Road Signs

Slippery when wet or a winding road ahead? Which sign means what? It is important that you recognize them and can tell which is which.

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