California DMV Test - 25 Questions. Passingscore: 83%

What do two solid yellow lines on a two-lane road indicate?

1. What do two solid yellow lines on a two-lane road indicate?

Click/tap on your answer:

A.  A left turn zone. B.  A no passing zone. C.  A railroad crossing. D.  A no turn area.




What You Need to Know about Your California DMV Test!

If you need to pass the California permit test for teenagers under 18 years, the exam has 46 questions. You must correctly answer at least 38 questions, which is a passing score of 83 percent or more.

If you are 18 years or older, the test has 36 questions and you are allowed 6 incorrect answers (a passing score of 83 percent).

The renewal test in California has 18 questions and you are allowed 3 incorrect answers.

Read the following article to learn about passing scores in other states: Permit and License Passing Scores in United States.

Aiming for a High Score on Your Knowledge Test?

Regardless of the official passing score in your state, you should always aim for a full score on each practice test. If you get a question wrong, make sure you understand why. Read up on the facts in the driver handbook. Remember, everything in the driver handbook is there for a reason.


"Use low beam headlights  - Illustration copyright: whilerests

It is extremely important that you know how to use your headlights. You must know when headlights are required and when you should turn on high beams or dim your lights to low beam. Make sure you truly understand why low beams must be used in certain situations. Questions about headlights are very common on DMV tests.

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Sharing the road with motorcycles - Driver's Prep Tests

Your state’s driver handbook or driver manual probably has a chapter that emphasizes the importance of safely sharing the road with motorcyclists. Pay special attention to this chapter. It is very likely that one of the questions on your DMV test is drawn from this chapter.

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Crashed car - Copyright: Montian Noowong

You are likely to see at least one of two types of questions about car accidents on your DMV test. One type deals with what you can do to prevent accidents, the other what you should do after an accident. Both are equally important parts of your state’s official DMV exam and to help you stay safe on the road!

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