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When two vehicles arrive at the same time at an intersection with no signs or signals, which one should be given the right-of-way?

A.  The car that is traveling faster.
B.  The car that is bigger.
C.  The car approaching from the left.
D.  The car approaching from the right.
Not correct.

Got this Question Wrong?

It is not all bad if you make mistakes on this Alaska practice test. Every mistake gives an indication of your weaknesses and helps you prepare for the real DMV test.

Ask yourself why your answer wasn't correct. Did you not read carefully enough? Did you misunderstand wordning of the question or choices? Did you click or tap too quickly? Or did you simply not know the answer?

A missed question can be a chance to learn more about a certain Alaska law or rule you may have overlooked.

Research shows that you learn better when a practice is arranged so that you make errors. It gives you an opportunity for afterthought and, perhaps, discussion with others.

When You Don't Understand the Answer

When you miss a question and don't understand the answer, start by reading up on the topic in your Driver's Manual. If you have trouble understanding the whys and hows, seek help from a friend, parent, teacher, or driving instructor.

Driver's Prep also offers some support. When you have questions or if you believe you have found an error, just drop us a line above. We will usually get back to you the next day.

Learn More

There are also several articles on Driver's Prep that has more information on subjects that are important for your permit or driver license test. They can help you build interest and knowledge. Remember, passing the written test depends a lot on your motivation, determination, and interest.