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Test Tips Before You Take the DMV Test

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Test Tips Before the Real DMV Test

The DMV test in every state has multiple choice questions, often with just three choices. They are offered as computerized tests, even if paper tests and oral tests also may be available, if you ask for them.

Any multiple-choice test is based on your ability to recognize the right answer from a range of alternatives. There are several reasons why you should feel good about the multiple-choice test.

Unfortunately, such tests encourage superficial recall of phrases instead of real knowledge. Research shows that taking many practice tests reinforce this superficial recall. Users tend to memorize questions and answers, instead of relying on their real knowledge.

Memorizing instead of understanding is one of the top 5 mistakes applicants make.

Because of this, some people argue that online practice tests for DMV exams are evil and that the explosion of such tests have created a new generation of young people who master the DMV examination, but have no a clue about rules of the road.

How to Avoid Tricking Yourself on the DMV Test

But you can easily get the best of both worlds, by following some simple test tips.

In any test situation, it is vital to read and thoroughly understand each question and the various choices. Hopefully, the following test tips and hints will help you pass the practice tests at driversprep and a real DMV test.

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Read the Question

First, read the question. Make sure you don’t add your own information or scenarios. Everything you need to answer the question is already there. Reading too much into a question usually results in a wrong answer.

Consider All Choices

Secondly, consider all options before choosing your answer. The text in one option can seem familiar from the driver’s manual, but it doesn’t mean that it is the correct one.

Wording of the question and potential answers can be tricky. The ambition on this website is to create variety, not always copy the exact wording from the driver’s manual. Variety will trigger real learning.

Try to add your own answer before reading the choices provided. This may help you pick out the correct one right away, or at least help understand why one of the provided choices is correct.

Look for Specific Words

Other test tips include to take special note of negative phrasing. This is probably one of the biggest pitfalls on any multiple-choice test. If the question contains the word not or false, it changes everything. Staying in the left lane when you are driving slower than other traffic can be a correct answer, if you are asked what you should not do!

Be alert for absolute and exact words, like always and never. They often make a statement false. But not always!

The Difference Between Should and Must

You should also look out for the words should and must.

Questions about seat belts are typically based on what law says and you will see the word must.

Seat Belt - Photo NTHSA

What you should do, however, might be a totally different matter. Almost half of the comments we get on our tests claim that seat belt must be used by all passengers, which is not true in many states. At the same time, all passengers should wear their safety belt in those states – even if it isn’t required by law!

The same is true for the use of cell phones in many states. It may be restricted in many ways, but isn’t prohibited in all situations.

Don’t trick yourself by answering a question based on what you think should be the law.

More Than One Correct Answer?

When you think that more than one alternative is correct, the “all of the above” alternative could be a good choice. If no alternative makes sense, maybe there is a “none of above” available?

If you see this type of question on the practice test, make sure you understand why all choices are correct (or incorrect). Learn them. On the real DMV test, you are more likely to see only one of these choices. In other words, all of the above is a common choice on a practice test, but rarely appears on the real DMV test.

Judgment and Safe Driving Techniques

When it comes to best driving practices, there are some judgment questions, where you must choose the most correct or suitable answer. Focus on general situations without being too specific.

Best driving practices seldom cover all driving situations that can occur. A very common answer is to slow down and drive cautiously to avoid an accident. Do not assume that your speed is already 10 mph and that you do not need to slow down.

Move Forward

Finally, no tests are fool-proof. We all interpret written communication differently. Try not to get stuck on difficult questions or wording you do not understand. You will waste time and feel anxious. Move forward to the next question. On a real test, you can usually go back to that question later.

Feel free to let us know when you find our questions difficult to understand. There is a constant review ongoing on this site. Tests are updated and modified, often based on your input. Your help is appreciated and will help make this site better.

Woman Taking a Test – Copyright: Andres Rodriguez

This article was originally posted on Jun 12, 2012 and updated Dec 30, 2016

You will find more tips here: How to Ace the DMV Test

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  1. Very good site for practicing test questions. I cleared my DMV online test at one go. I cleared at the 21st question. Defintely recommend this to all those planning to appear for Learner’s permit.

  2. This website is awesome!!! I’m practicing for the real written test and this one really helps me understand better. I hope I pass the test. I’m taking it soon. But I have one question, Will it help me get all of the answers right on the test if i get all of them right on this website??? Does anyone know this answer? Please comment if u do, thanks. I need all the help i can get.

    • The driver’s manual for Tennessee is covered. If you get all questions right, you should pass without any problems. Users, in general, find the real test easy after practicing here.

      Expect many questions about alcohol!

  3. This is the best DMV site ever. I passed the test the first time. I love it.Thumbs up period.

  4. Mark,
    when you write a review, that is great, but why not mark the correct answers a,b,c, or d.
    so we know what the right answer is. then sometimes the explanation or youre answers are confusing

  5. I am considering using this website to help prepare high-functioning adults with developmental disabilities for their written driving exam in the State of Ohio. While checking the curriculum, I took a practice test myself for Ohio and scored a 76%, but was told I “failed” the test. In the State of Ohio, a 75% earns a passing grade. What percentile does one have to earn to receive a passing grade on your website for the State of Ohio?

    • Rob, thank you for your question. I understand that this raises some concern.

      Initially, this website had tests with a set of questions and a passing score that matched each state. The number of questions in different states varies between 20 and 50, passing scores between 70% and ~85%.

      Last year, we started adopting new standard for this site.

      We found that the number of questions being most user-friendly was about 25. (This number is also used in more than 20% of the different states.)

      A common passing score is 80%, which we also found was a reasonable for our practice tests. This value is still just an indicator, not a real grade. If you know the value in your state (like Ohio’s 75%), you can always pretend that you passed and just ignore our message!

      As the work progress in converting all states to this new standard, we will also be clearer about this fact.

      Personally, I think that you should aim for a percentage above 90% on these practice tests to be sure you pass the real test.

  6. how do ikno if the test im taken is from New York ?

    • If you click on New York, you will get questions that are based on the New York Handbook. Those are practice questions that cover all the major parts of the manual and should include all the areas that may appear on your real test. All questions are created by driversprep. We do not have access to the real tests. But in our experience, we are usually pretty close. Remember, that you may have to take several tests to really cover everything.

  7. CA handbook page 17: If you wear a lap and shoulder belt, your chances are three to four times higher to live through a collision.

    Which is exactly what is asked. And the correct answer is the same.

    Five times in the handbook refers to survival rate when not being thrown from the vehicle. Close, but not the same thing.

    Guidelines for DMV Knowledge and Skill Test Development states: anything appearing in the driver manual may show up on the test.

    Absurd or not? Well, I wouldn’t worry too much about that question showing up on a real test. And I think you are correct, just knowing that a seat belt greatly increases your chances of survival should be all you need to know

  8. The answer about seat belt survival rate was “3 to 4 times”, but the CA DMV handbook says it is 5 times. This kind of question is absurd. Just knowing that a seat belt increase your chances of survival should be all you need to know.

  9. The question is, can you pass a light rail car on the left. The answer was, yes. If you look at the pic, there are tracks running the same way, meaning it is a too way street and therefore you cannot pass on the left side of the light rail car. Or I would think.

    • You are correct, Ed. This question only appears in the CA test, and the picture is indeed from a well-known two-way street in SF. Meaning none of situations when you are allowed to pass on the left applies.

      I will make sure that we update the picture (it usually takes a week or two).

  10. we went to two times but failed what can i do now
    iam toomuch of practising but no use iam little bit frustate but ok
    living in northcarolina any tips of suggessions please

  11. h love it thanking for u

  12. I have spent a lot of time studding my manusl. The questions seem to be different from my manusl. I am begennint to get confused about what is the correct, which is causing me to fail your test. Is this the same test for drivers in the state of Georgia and are all of the questions on your your test? I hope that I am going to be a driving instructor shortly and I would like to make 100 on this test. Sturggling

    Gary Davfis

  13. I took a test last week and I didn’t……I hope this website should help me and I do the test….

  14. Redid your tests over n over for several weeks….took my test in CA and missed 1.

  15. You have no reason to fail after going through this test.Make sure you read and understand the question before checking the box,because many of the answers look alike but with different interpretations as concern driving.

  16. No problem passing my test. Just looked at the manual once, then i took a bunch of practice tsts here. covered everything.

  17. it explains it very well

  18. IT EXPLIANS EACH QUESTION WITH a understanding

  19. Again today in your 500 free driving test questions….there was the one on: the sign for divided highway…which is……according to DMV book………………the one with the ” thumb nail ( I do not know how to explain this)” at the TOP of the sign.

    Your answer is: the sign with that ” thumb nail ” @ the bottom of the sing……which means…….according to DMV book…………..the END of divided highway.
    It is very confusing because sometimes you have it right…….according to DMV book.
    I’m trying to prepare for my DMV test next month…… wish that I could get the right answer.
    Thank you for your understanding & co-operation

    • Reply by email

    • Maybe you are focused recognizing the signs by their “names”, like Divided Highway Ends and Divided Highway Begins? It is more likely that you’ll be asked to demonstrate your knowledge about their actual meaning! When you see Divided Highway Ends, what should you expect ahead? Well, on the road ahead there will be no divider or median. Oncoming traffic will be on the same roadway. A roadway with two-way traffic.

      Take the “T-intersection” as another example. The sign means that the road you are on ends ahead! You must turn either right or left. Obvious when you have done a few tests. Maybe not so obvious when you do it the first time.

  20. Thank you thank you thank you. I prepared my test only from your website,today I passed my actual DMV are doing good job .this website is best of the best. Now can you tell me some good driver, who can teach me driving for road test. I will be thankful to u

  21. your question : what is the sign for divided highway ahead………………..and your answer is wrong……………you say that it is the sign for END of divided highway……….pleased check your book……….also………….you say that when riding a bicycle you should be facing traffic…….that is wrong…….you should be riding along side of traffic…………please check your book.

    Thank you for your corrections.
    Claudette Deklphis

    • Every now and then we get a comment about the signs for divided highway ends and divided highway begins. It is easy to mix up or misunderstand the meaning of these two warning signs.

      We are not wrong.

      Look at the divider or median on the sign. If it is located at the bottom, it means that you are leaving a divided highway.

      Or the more formal description: This sign is used before the end of a section of physically divided highway (not an intersection or junction) as a warning of two-way traffic ahead.

      If the divider is located at the top of the sign, it means that you are approaching a divided road.

      This sign is used on the approaches to a section of highway (not an intersection or junction) where the opposing flows of traffic are separated by a median or other physical barrier.

      Riding a bicycle facing traffic? Of course not. You are absolutely correct.

      However, there is no such question.

      If you take a test again and encounter the question or statement, please comment directly. It makes it easier for me to see the misunderstanding.

  22. In every test questions are same.repeated again and it possible to put new questions in every test. Any how thanks it is the best website

    • Yes, after a while the same questions will appear again. Everything is random.

      My idea was NOT to track users and their activity in any way. There is just too much of that on the web today.

      But I think your idea is great. Maybe it can be done in a near future. Thanks!

  23. I need help to pass my test so i went on this site

  24. I need to read a test

  25. The Florida test was really spot-on! I am really thankful for your site.

  26. Did it! after taking these practice test, everything was soooo eeasy!! Good job!

  27. Agreed , thats what is so great about this test ! and ofcourse it will be diffrent on the test , but let me just tell you something , the questions on the exam are a little diffrent from the ones in the book , they want to see who really knows what they are doing and who doesnt , id care what anyone says this site is the best !!!! i passed , I ACED IT , EVERY QUESTION I CAME ACROSS ON THE REAL EXAM , I THOUGHT TO MYSELF .. OKAY I REMEMBER THIS FROM DRIVERS PREP ! IT ALL BOILS DOWN TO ONE THING COMMON SENSE … ITS ALL THE SAME , THEY HAVE COVERED ALL IT !!!!!! THIS IS THE PLACE TO PRACTICE , NONE OTHER THAN THIS

  28. To all that wondering , I was once one of them ! This website truly helps a great deal there are many other websites out there but nothing like this one . I studied this practice for week . No test is the the exact same but this practice test help me ace my test ! I actually took both tests today and i finally got my license . This is a great website and it is very similar to the real thing . Pleas… if you are looking for a practice test ,THIS IS IT , WHOEVER MADE THIS SITE DID IT RIGHT , THEY TOOK THEIR TIME AND COVERED EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW , I DIDNT GET ONE PROBLEM WRONG . THIS SITE RULES !!!!! MUCH THANKS TO DRIVERS PREP .COM AND MUCH THANKS TO ME WHO STUDIED IT UNTIL I GOT ALL ANSWERS RIGHT , ITS ALOT EASIER TO STUDY THIS AND UNDERSTAND THIS THAN THE ACTUAL BOOK TO , BECUZ IT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT ANSWER AND THE EXPLANATION !!!! I RECOMMEND THIS TO ALL WHO DO NOT HAVE FAITH IN THESE PARACTICE TESTS . THIS IS A GREAT PLACE TO STUDY !!!!

  29. Thank you….Thank you and Thank you.
    This website certainly help me alot even though it was complecated at times,

    The questions amost same ,but i get there in order for me to pass my real text. it was really helpful i appreciate it thanks you.

    boston MA.

  30. I try to compare the question with the book from the DMV in California and most if not all of these Question are not in the California Drivers handbook. WHY!

    And I agree with most of the responders, most of the answer are right but if you answer close to the real question you’re marked wrong. WHY!

    And who designs these test. Why doesn’t the question match the state Drivers handbook.

    • Hard to know exactly what you mean.

      There are 16 questions in the California handbook. So, true, our questions are NOT in the handbook. If we made a test repeating the 16 questions in the handbook… it wouldn’t be much point, would it?

      What you call a close answer is probably not a correct answer. Not in our test, and not in a real DMV test. I suggest you study the comments to each answer carefully to figure out why the close answer is not correct. You also have the option to comment every individual question directly. We read all of your comments.

      Remember, our questions are designed to help you study and practice. Not to give you the final exam questions.

      The idea is to cover all the facts in the manual or handbook.

      We will often cover the same topic with different questions and different wordings to avoid superficial recall of phrases instead of real knowledge. Still, most of the time you should recognize the answer from the handbook.

      More than 50% fail their first exam. Often because they think the recall of exact phrases from the handbook is enough. It isn’t.

  31. i am in a course w/availability for driving lessons w/5 hour course included…. question why would u require the driving lessons if u already have your license… and don’t u need to know how to drive to obtain your license not your permit… common sense will answer these questions but how people don’t seem too use the brain god gave them….

  32. I take my test in two days and ive done my states exam prob 20 times on here and im reading the dmv book so i hopee that means im ready for the test? Does anyone know of any tricky questions they commonly have?

  33. This site is amazing! It really helps me to learn the material as I go along and feel much more confident in my knowledge. This is the best website for practicing to get your permit EVER. (:

  34. Where is New Mexico test? If not available then which one resembles NM the most? Thanks. S.

    • By clicking the New Mexico link, you get a generic test. Complete coverage of New Mexico is planned for November, 2012.

  35. In this question:

    6. It is illegal to park your vehicle:
    In an unmarked crosswalk
    Within three feet of a private driveway.
    In a bicycle lane.

    The second question is considered correct. How do you know it’s a crosswalk if it’s unmarked?

    In this question:

    It is illegal to leave a child unattended in a motor vehicle, if the child is:
    A. 12 years or younger.
    B. Eight years or younger.
    C. Six years or younger.
    D. Four years or younger.

    The answer given as correct is C. That means a child younger than six may be left unattended. This doesn’t make sense.

    • By law, there is a crosswalk at every intersection, even if it is not painted as such. This is known as an unmarked crosswalk. This is mentioned in most (if not every) driver’s manual or handbook.

      The word in the second question is illegal (unlawful). Meaning, the law states that a child younger than six cannot be left unattended.

  36. This page helped me to pass the test. The test is easier than this one. I did not have any faults on the real test, but I had some on this page :)

  37. This test is very similar to the test you take at DMV. It helped me a lot and I finally passed my exam. Now i am good to go.

  38. I love the fact that even though a question may appear more than once, they are usually completely rephrased. Really speeds up the learning process!!

  39. Passed my exam. A handful of questions were almost identical to the ones on this site. Will surely recommend you.

  40. So i’m taking my test tomorrow so i hope i pass! thanks for the help!

  41. Many many thanks to whom created this site. I am a new immigrant and I can not speak and understand English well but I passed the test in the first time thanks to this site.

  42. I love it! Thank you so much! I really like how this explains the answers afterwards. Really helps to soak in the info and get a better understanding! This is the best one I have found! Thank you so much!

  43. charmaine morgan June 30, 2012 at 10:36 am

    this website certainly help me even though it was complecated at times, but i get there in order for me to pass my real text. it was really helpful i appreciate it thanks.

  44. the questions change each time n get kind of hard.

  45. A lot of these questions have multiple correct answers but only allow one to be correct, yet in the examples below you sometimes find your answer below even if its wrong. Why are the answers marked wrong if they are used in the example? At least have more definitive answers please.

  46. how i know if this is the philadelphia test?

  47. These questions are harder then the ones on the DMV site. Will the real test be the same?

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