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South Dakota Free DMV Test with New 2015 Questions

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South Dakota Free DMV Test Questions Updated

We have updated the free DMV test questions for South Dakota. The online sample tests are now based on more than 1,000 questions from our extensive database. All our DMV practice tests are randomly generated, which means that you have hundreds of different tests at your fingertips. You will find questions on everything from pavement markings to dealing with accidents. We have designed all tests to challenge your knowledge of rules of the road and safe driving practices. By using our practice tests as a study guide, you can prepare for and pass the South Dakota DMV knowledge test without problems.

Start by Reading the South Dakota DMV Driver’s Manual

As always, you should start by reading the South Dakota DMV Driver’s Manual. This booklet gives you a summary of state laws, common rules, and safe driving practices to follow. You can download a PDF version of the SD Driver’s Manual from Remember, anything in this manual may show up on your test and all information you need is in this manual. Answers to our DMV practice questions are also found in this manual.

Use Our Free DMV Practice Tests

Taking DMV practice tests over a longer period of time is the most effective ways to study. Discussing questions, rules and driving techniques with friends, parents, or a teacher will improve your knowledge even more.

A main key to pass the DMV exam successfully is to read all questions carefully. Try not to add your information or read anything into a questions that isn’t there. Read the comments and verify that the information is correct by looking up the chapter in the driver’s manual. Make sure you understand the answers. Even if you are likely to recognize questions on the real test from our practice test, you will not become a safe driver by just memorizing answers. You must fully understand rules, road signs and signals, and safe driving techniques.

Make Sure You are Ready for the Real Test

The passing score in South Dakota is 80%, based on 25 questions. We recommend that you aim for at least 90% correct answers on our free DMV tests before you take on the real knowledge test. Ideally, you should try to get 100%. This will boast your confidence and make the real thing easy.

In South Dakota, DMV allows a total of three attempts to pass your tests. This includes both the written knowledge test and the behind-the-wheel test. If you pass your written test on the second attempt, you only have one try to pass the road test. If you haven’t passed after three attempts, you must apply again and pay all the fees to get three more chances.

Photo: Mount Rushmore – National Park Service Image Gallery.

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