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Snowplow Cameras Show Road Conditions

Cars in winter storm - Copyright: Visions of America LLC

Dash Cameras in Snowplows

Do you wake up in the morning and wonder what the roads will look like today? Is it safe to drive to work? When they say that roads are partially covered, what does that actually mean?

In Iowa you will soon be able to get current photos of your route to work with new snowplow cameras.

Iowa DOT has mounted iPhone 4 to the windshield of a snowplow. The snowplow camera is programmed to take photos of the road every few minutes. The images are geo-tagged and automatically sent back to a website.

Snowplow Map on Iowa DOT

The snowplow map site has been up and running for the past year and you can see snowplow location, material use, and other data. The new road snapshots from the iPhones will be another layer of data added to the site when this new feature is launched.

The feature is still in a testing phase and a remaining 800 or so snowplows still need to have a camera installed. There is no date set for this to be completed.

Stationary Cameras

In the meantime, stationary cameras give you photos available on, and the snowplow map.

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