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  1. Is this the real test?

  2. is the test hard in brookhaven ms

  3. My son merely skimmed the state manual, but spent several days taking tests from DriversPrep – he estimates about 50. He passed his official exam with ease.

  4. Thank you! This helped

  5. I have recently been taking these tests and they have helped me tremendously but some questions are back to back. I believe that if the questions were not back to back as they are, the progress of the test taker will increase.

  6. What method do you use to allow a person that cannot read or write to obtain a drivers license in the district of Columbia?

    • In DC, knowledge tests are available in audio. A person with special needs should always contact their local DMV office to discuss all available options.

  7. I appreciate tests. Would be nice to be told what page to go to for answer in handbook. The wording on question: WAITING IN INTERSECTION to make turn. I answered incorrectly by stating wait until green light and proceed. WAS WRONG. Answer is complete turn when safe. CONFUSING. I JUST GOT INTO ACCIDENT.

    • Thank you, Mary!

      The only reason we do not link to a page in the manual or handbook is that most states change these booklets rather frequently (meaning the information will be found on different pages in different versions). We just don’t have the resources to update our tests with new information that often. It could also be confusing if someone is using an old booklet for their studies.

      Regarding the turning, you should avoid entering the intersection if you are not sure you can clear it. But if you DO enter an intersection and the light changes, you must continue and make the turn when safe. (For Arizona that is page 29 and 30 in the manual). This situation is very common when making a left turn.

      As you probably noticed, the prepositions are important. In an intersection means you have already entered the intersection and you should not stop and wait for a green light.

  8. Driversprep,

    You Guys have made an exceptional website worth a Praise, I sincerely trust that once you are hooked up on this Site to Learn & Practice applicable Road Signs, Driving Laws and Regulations of the United States, you will be more than capable to handle your DMV Tests of any State. Too Good. God Bless You Guys.

  9. It is sad to think that before they hire people to work at the DMV they tell them that smiling is prohibited because there is no way you get one or any kind of customer service.

  10. driversprep was a big help and the best way to practice for my written exam. With all questions and comments it was easy. I just opened my book a few times. All my questions on my permit test were covered in the practice tests, just worded slightly differently. I passed with 100%!!

  11. I’m taking the test this week i hope to pass cause I’ve been reading the Manuel and also reading the practice test.

  12. Renewed my Driving License today in Barstow, California and ACED the test. It took about 4 minutes to complete the test.. Each question was listed in the practice tests, talk about relief.

  13. Big thank you

  14. Oh yea!!!I just passed my test today thanks to this site I was practically sleeping on the site but finally it paid off

  15. PLEASE include Audio Read Along

  16. HI, your test were wonderful! I just took my Alabama permit test and passed it on first try! Getting ready to take my drivers test next week! All I have to say is thank you

    • I just got back from taking my road test and i made a 95! the key to getting your permit and license is to make sure you study the handbook and practice your driving skills. thanks again!

  17. Thank you so much ! I ve passed with 96% I am going to recommend your site to all my friends! God Bless you

  18. i failed the permit test 2 time and i gave up now ive been reading the manual and testing on this website hopefully i pass with no problems :)

  19. I passed today with a 100% score after failing the first time as the other 78% of test takers normally do. The test in Washington DC is not easy (I am a foreigner) and you have to study the DMV manual. Don’t waste your time going to other websites. Most are not up to date and teach you the wrong answers. is the only one I found that does not have any mistakes in the questions and the answers. I checked a few times the DMV manual to see if was right, and they were. I emailed them once with a question and got an answer instantly. If you use the website for two weeks daily and you take the time to read the DMV manual, you will pass. This website is a great resource.

  20. it was easy, but it’s hard.

  21. Hi, Your tests are wonderful. I took them fora few weeks and I just passed my Connecticut test with 100% Thank you so much.

  22. I really get nervous when taking any tests. I really dont know how to get rid of my anxiety. i read the manual but i think i get too frustrated when i take it.I failed twice and planning to take it again.Any help please anyone.

  23. I like that it was helping me but I don’t like that every time I pushed continue it went to quit and I couldn’t go back to where I was

  24. Does this website really helps me pass my permit test in Connecticut?i go for mines on saturday and I’ve been studying for a month now

  25. This is honestly the best site I’ve ever used from studying. I passed the Florida DMV test with flying colors. The Florida test just recently changed to 50 questions and they made it harder. It took a couple of times for me to pass it and I don’t think I wouldve without this site. Thank you so much!

  26. I recommend this site to anyone who wants to take the test,routinely taking just one test per day for a month put me in a position that even the tension from doing this for the first time and the strange location was not enough to bring me down to failure. To me it just felt like I was joking with the DMV computer hahahahahha!!!!!!thanks so much to this wonderful team for bringing us this guide…

  27. Why are there questions about New Jersey on the North Carolina tests?

  28. Omg Im really grateful for this sitei could not do the book I passed with an 100% if it wasn’t for this site and god o my im very grateful now im ready for driving school thanks so much for this site!

  29. Just passed my test,thanks to the practice tests.The site is amazing.

  30. Jefferson g sahn July 17, 2014 at 7:30 am

    JEFFERSON SAHN: To every success there must be a guidance and to every guidance there should an appreciation, I want to be grateful to this site for providing these questions, they help me pass my leaner permit missing only one question.

  31. July 14, 2014
    I took my test in Massachusetts and I pass this site help me a lot thank you. Very much. Great site.

  32. I took the safety test at the DMV and i passed and i only got two wrong thank you very much best site ever. the questions were exactly the same.

  33. I have taken tests for years in both California and Hawaii. Two very tough states! Oregon has to have the MOST inocuos, nonsensical questions of the three. Most likely as they charge every time one has to retake the test so why not go out of their way to trip people up!!! Many of the questions have nothing to do with being a safe driver, which I am. No tickets!!!!! Of course that is how this state is with most everything!!!

  34. Werw some questions in this practice test will be in the real permit test

  35. This was EXCELLENT preparation for the test.

  36. This Website help me lot to getting permit, I didn’t read any manual’s, daily i have practices this website 4 to 5 times..Thanks for you..

  37. Has anybody ever taken the permit test in Arizona after using these free tests ?

  38. These practice tests helped me get a 100%. I would surely recommend them to my friends.

  39. MUNEAM AL ADHAMI May 31, 2014 at 6:45 pm

    I would like that all B.M.V offices change their policies and procedures of conducting the manner of driving tests by making the number of driver test 6 times and not 4 times so if driver couldn’t pass in the six times road driving then he must apply for another permit license after one month and not six months which is very hard to wait all that time to do the process a gain . I understand that all drivers should be very good and well practiced in road driving and if the officials in B.M.V really want to help drivers to develop their way of driving ,, I think they have to do so in changing the duration of waiting 6 month after the four trials failure to one month in order to make it easy for the drivers those who fail in the four trials because all people need the license to drive their cars to go to their jobs>

  40. I love this I think it’s a great way to pre par for the test before taking it and I love the fact that I get the answers or comments after answering the questions well done thank you very much

  41. how many wrong answers can u get in the test in California? And how many questions on the test please.

  42. I just want to thank you. I moved to North Carolina from California and had to take the NC DMV written test. I was nervous because I haven’t had to take a DMV written test for 30 years. Thanks to your website, I passed the test. About 95% of your test questions appeared on the test. I left the DMV with confidence and a smile on my face. I advise anyone preparing for a test to use your website.

  43. Thank you so much got my learners permit passed today!!!!very helpful!!!!!!!!

  44. Thank you so much. I won. This website is useful

  45. Really the free tests helped me a lot to pass my written test in 1st attempt. Thanks and keep it up

  46. The practice tests in this website are extremely useful for me to get learners permit. After failing in first attempt, I have rigorously practiced here and made 100% correct answers in the test (20/20)

  47. I would like to express my gratitude for helping me to pass my written test today. Most of the questions appeared were exactly what I learned from here. I made it with a flying color for only one attempt. Again, thank you so much for making this site available and free for any one. I will surely recommend this site. :)

  48. Thank you very much. I moved to the states from England. I decided to go for my learners permit, found this site a few weeks
    ago, and I must have taken up to 5 tests a night after work. I took the test yesterday and passed first time, all thanks to your website.
    I recommend this website to anyone, its free, there are new questions in each test, its just so easy to learn this way.


  49. This site is awesome,did my test today,passed and got my permit immediately thanks to the practice questions on this site

  50. Took the test on 14th January and passed with 90% score, Thanks to driversprep for these practice tests.

  51. How can you take it on online and get your permit

  52. I live in oregon and i want to understand much about the following distance, the manual said 2-4 seconds and for this blessed site the questioned asked answered 4 seconds. and there is a questioned asked on that answered 2 seconds so i’m confused. please help

    • You should not think of your following distance as something that is always the same! It varies…

      Oregon law says: A person commits the offense of following too closely if the person does any of the following: (a) Drives a vehicle so as to follow another vehicle more closely than is reasonable and prudent, having due regard for the speed of the vehicles and the traffic upon, and condition of the highway. (ORS 811.485)

      Just like you adjust your speed to different situations, you must also adjust your following distance to traffic, visibility, weather, and road conditions. In any situation you need space to be able to stop safely. For example, when your speed increases, the space you leave between your car and the car ahead should also increase. Why? Because, with greater speed your stopping distance increases.

      Triple the speed from 20 to 60 mph and the impact and braking distance are nine times greater!

      On, Oregon State Police recommends a two-second following distance when speeds are under 30 mph and a four-second following distance when speeds are greater than 30 mph or in heavy traffic. This recommendation is also mentioned in the Oregon Driver Manual (page 35 in the 2012-2013 version).

      We base our questions on all of this, and it is very likely that a question on your final exam will be based on that as well.

    • Thanks very much for your responds,i have take over 70 tests from this site it’s has become a game to me, for now my worst score is 92% but i need the confidence to go and take the original test, i’m planing on taking it against Wednesday. will you give me additional questions from the oregon manual or can any one from oregon ask me possible questions or any question, really i want to score a 100%

      • Oregon test will be updated in February or March, before that we don’t have additional questions. Sorry.

  53. Very nice site. helped a lot for the test. past after using your your material. Any tips for the driving practical?

  54. thank you so much driversprep,don’t ever forget the magic your site did for me.I got all questions right,I don’t even have enough words to thank you.

  55. The very best place to study for your learner’s permit. today i took the test and passed with only 1 wrong. i’d highly recommend it.

  56. I’m really thankful to you ” “. . I did the test on this website for several times and get 100% correct during my first test at DMV today. Don’t waste time to other websites. I’d highly recommend this site to everyone. Try it hard and get 100% result (y)

  57. Thanks to this test I passed with only one incorrect! It truly is the key to success, I suggested it to a girl at the DMV who had just failed, Poor thing. Thank you all soooooooooooooo much! I am so grateful!

  58. i am jayaprakash i practiced this site 40 times … Today 12/17/2013 i passed the test thank you for teach me through this test question once again thanking you

  59. Driverprep Rocks! 69 yes young took test yesterday and passed ! At 30 yes old, I sat 3 times before passing.

  60. This site helped me so much I just went to get my learners permit today and I only got 1 question wrong. I highly recommend this site.

  61. dis site is d best its really helpful if u put ur mind to it.i practiced questions on dis site and i took d real test once and i passed.i also got an appointment for my road so happy.i recommend dis site for u guys out there who r yet to pass d dps computer test.thanks to

  62. Thanks to you guys for this practice questions site. Had my test today in Tx and passed at 1st time. I appreciate you guys a bunch!!!

  63. This website is great, i took my test today 20 November, 2013 and it is my first time i passed well and was given my learners permit, this practice is the success behind it all.

  64. This is definitely the best website for taking online practice tests!! I took my real test today and passed it on a first try. Thank you

  65. This website is the best!!! After studying on this site for a day I passed my test on a first try!! Thanks ..u guys are the best

  66. Amazing test questions… i got most of the questions from this test :))) Thank u

  67. this site is the best.I had difficulty understanding the book but after taking the tests here over and over for one week.
    I totally passed the test today on one try.thanx guys you are the best

  68. I studied the book for only 30 minutes top and got aggravated! Find this website through google, practiced for one night only and went to take the test the next day. I passed and only missed 2! Everything was exactly the same for the Alabama test and the 2 I missed were the ones that were not on this website!!! i recommend this website to everyone!!!

  69. my total score was 88% some of I got 3 mistakes

  70. This sight is Great! I took the practice test several times daily for about two weeks. I just passed my exam this past Saturday with flying colors

  71. Have been using your website for several weeks and take the written test this Wed. I feel confident and well prepared,,,,Advice to others YOU MUST PREPARE before you take your test. Thanks for all the info.

  72. Thank You so much for your site. It GREATLY helped me PASSED my DMV written exaI have been using as a practice guide your site, it’s so amazing that its just like the actual DMV Exam. Thank You. And more powers!!!

  73. While taking a couple practice permit tests I found a few things wrong with the questions. One of them was the question that asks which way you’re supposed to point your tires on a hill. The tires should always be pointed towards the curb. Its common sense. The vehicle will roll backwards whichever way the tires are facing. If you’re facing down hill it makes it easier bc obviously the vehicle will go in the direction the tires are facing. This makes me wonder who the hell contols this website. Do you have a license? Or even any common sense? People who turn to this website in confidence are being set up to fail. Please fix the errors if you have a heart.

    • Unfortunately, you are not correct. Front wheels should NOT be pointed to the curb in all situations. When facing uphill and there is a curb, you turn the front wheels away from the curb.

      Judging from your IP address you are located in Florida. If you had made a simple check in the Florida Driver’s Handbook (page 30) you could have confirmed this.

      I encourage everyone to actually read the state handbook or driver’s manual.

      Compare questions and answers with the information in the manual. Whenever in doubt, you can report any of our questions. There is a link on the answer page (just scroll down a bit…)

    • Probably not so many hills in fl, Kayleigh? In San Francisco you quickly learn to park on hills. Uphill: Turn the wheels away from the curb, then you you let the car roll back until the back of your front wheels touch the curb. That, my friend, is common sense. As a self-appointed expert you should always check your facts first.

    • Chill, man!! Taken >20 tests, found no issues. In fact, if you read answers and comments they provide good insight. Suggesting that you park with wheels towards the curb uphill is dangerous, it will make the front of your car roll into the travel lane and not stop until the back wheels stop at the curb. The farther away from the curb you park, the greater the risk!! Parking like that on a road test will surely make you fail.

    • Kayleigh Gomez way of parking uphill is also illegal in many places.

      In California you will see this local code: No person shall park or leave standing any vehicle unattended on a highway when upon any grade exceeding three percent (3%) within any business or residence district without blocking the wheels of said vehicle by turning them against the curb or by other means.

      It means you must block the wheels in the manner suggested above, e.g. away from the curb and letting the back of front wheels touch the curb.

  74. im going to fail this

  75. Hey,

    This site is coo. really help full.
    i took around 3 or 4 test here and appeared in permit test this saturday…
    got 95% …
    Thank you

  76. This website didn’t help me at all. i’ve been using it for about 5 months and taken the permit test 2 times and failed it both times. In total i’ve taken about 200 tests and the still don’t help me. Thanks for wasting my time Drivers Prep.

    • Maybe 5 months of studies, 200 practice tests and yet two failed exams (!!) are an indication of something else than bad a website??

  77. It’s helpful WHEN I can get it to come in! Every single time I go to start, click on my state and—NOTHING! I have to go back over and over to get it to come up. Boo.

    • High loads on our server could delay the presentation of a page. There are, however, no indications of an extreme load during the last 24 hours and your description is not typical for a server problem.

      If this is a consistent behavior where a first attempt opens a blank page or tries to redirect you, and a second update or reload of the page works, it could be an indication for you to scan your device (computer) for unwanted spyware or adware, which are known to cause a similar behavior.

      It could also be at a problem with your internet connection.

  78. It is really helpful , I am appearing for the test next week and feel confident I will pass :) Thanks

  79. This website is amazing. I did the test on this website for several times and get 100% correct during my first test at DMV. I love that the it has detailed explanation beside the answer. Thanks!

  80. Great way to see just what you know about driving, and you really notice other drivers doing their own thing.

  81. i been taking this practice test for 3 days everyday its getting easier i hope i pass the real test

  82. This is DEFINITELY the best online place for tests! There are new questions almost every time I take the tests or worded in different ways. I have no doubt that this will help me pass my test today.


    The best I’ve found. I’d highly recommend it.

  83. Took the test on Monday and passed with only 2 wrong, thanks to these practice tests. Thank you.

  84. The practice tests help me pass the “real test!” My husband did not study and failed. The questions were much the same as the real test! Thanks!

  85. I think you should make these tests printable so they could be shared without sitting in front of the computer.

  86. I disagree with one of the Illinois test questions. When there is a red left pointing arrow on the traffic signal, you are never allowed to turn left while the arrow is lit. Turning left from a one way road to a one way going left would never have a traffic signal like this

  87. Studied the tests and read the handbook. Took the test and missed none. I’m 84. Thank you for the study site.

  88. Hello, Firstly I thank my Lord JESUS because all are by his grace and mercies.
    Just let you know,I took my DMV test yesterday and passed it with only two errors.Your test preparation was the key to my success.GOD bless you!!!!!!!

  89. Thank You. Passed with no problem. This is a good place to study.

  90. This site has really helped me to pass my test, i practice on it almost 10 times in a day for 4 days and i was able to make my learners permit.

  91. While the tests are very helpful,it’s very difficult for a Septuagenarian to get a passing grade.I finally eked out a passing grade by just one question.Why are older people, some with perfect driving records,as is my case, subjected to these difficult DMV renewal tests effective at age 70 and upwards ? while younger people just remit the license cost? and don’t have to take a test?

  92. Love this site lifesaver thanks

  93. I retook my driving exam yesterday and passed!! I’m so happy and excited! Thanks to this site which has really helped me!

  94. This is a very helpful site and I spent a long time preparing for my test yesterday. Thanks to your site I passed having driven for over 40 years in both England and on the east coast of the USA. However, I would like to pass a comment regarding the ubiquitous language used in several questions, plus the poor grammar which was misleading at times and especially for those of us who hail from English speaking nations other than the USA.

  95. I took for some days your tests and there were always new questions that help me out to understand the book material better. It was very helpful! And feeling pretty confident. I passed my test today. Thank you very much and appreciate it!

  96. passed my test today, my state was coverd by basic only but was very helpful anyways. Recommended!

  97. Today i passed the driver’s licence exam here in Virginia thanks to this unique amazing free site. It was really very helpful, and i advise everyone to get many training her before he/she go to the DMV Test.


  99. okay im taking mines today but im doing like 3 practice test before i go and take it please everyone wish me luck.And doing these test i have learned more than i learned in the book. this test really helps me to understand.thanks!!!!!!!

  100. Took my written test today – aced it. However only one of the questions was the same as the ones in the 30 practice test I took.

  101. I took the test over 50 times , and passed the written test in first attempt with very less error. Thank you


  103. This Website was very Excellent it was very help full i was able to pass for my learners permit in ten minutes thanks very much.Practice makes room for improvement and the website surely deliver. CONNECTICUT TO THE WORLD DMVWethersField 60 STATE ROAD

  104. Best test taking practice website ever!! Thank you so much!!(:

  105. Took the Michigan test last week and got a perfect score, thanks to your website. I got the confidence to take the test after scoring above 90 in your tests continuously. As said, the test was a lot easier, and were mostly questions from these practice tests. I was able to finish the actual test in just 20 minutes. Have recommended to everyone I know.


  106. Just wanted to say a big THank you as this test really helped to pass the test from the first time! I did California one!!! :) So happy :)))

    thank you,thank you :)

  107. I took Sample Tests on your site and questions were very useful. Today I cleared TX Computer test. The practise on your site helped me a lot. Thank you!!!

  108. i discovered this site about three days before my test, practiced a lot of questions, and came out in flying colors in my test this evening. I finished my test in 15 minutes with only 3 answers wrong.Tge questions on this site are so similar to the real exam. Thank u so much guys, this site is the bomb

  109. thank you! i passed the test with flying colours. i finished the test in 20 mins with only one question wrong! driversprep is awesome! i took 7 sample tests and most of the questions were repeated in the actual exam. thanks!

  110. I was wondering if any one from phoenix, AZ practice with these tests and if they pass???.

  111. i passed texas test and i recommend to every one to go through this practice test before you take the main test

  112. Thanks for all the test. I could not have passed without them. I got a 100%. And I will tell everone about this website. Thanks again!

  113. This website was fantastic I was able to pass my test on first attempt!

  114. Just wanted to say your site helped me so much. I not only learned a lot but your site made studying a lot eaiser. Most importantly I passed my test this morning. Thanks so much

  115. going on 83 at the time of the test I figured this was my last hurrah studied tests every day and passed!!

  116. It was on of my most shocking and excited moments when i passed when i stepped into the dmv i knew something good was gonna happen. I took this practice test for weeks almost a month i failed 4 times this was my last time to take the test. I sat down at the computer i was assigned to and begin taking the test i was getting several questions correct. And it was 50 questions i couldnt wait to see my test results once i finished it said congradulations, u passed. I passed 82% im glad i came across this website it helped alot. thanks !!!!

  117. This website is so awesome! I passed the TEST on the 3rd of July! and This was my first Test. I was using/studying this website for a week and half. Thank you so much, I wouldnt have passed this 1st test if it weren’t for this website!

  118. I would like to add that the actual questions at DMV were easier than those on the website, which is good because I already knew more than required.

  119. I just took my learners permit and passed 100%. This website if awesome. Very explanatory, almost like an interactive tutorial. I studied the DMV manual as well, but I am convinced that this website helped tremendously. Thank you.

  120. I want to thank whioever created this website because I passed the driving and I am only sorry I did not find it sooner

  121. This is a useful for first timer taking wriiten test for driving..Thanks so much for this site I understand better the rules in driving…I was so thankful for this site once u try this practice test after u read d manual surely ur confident and ready for d test…Thumbs up…u will pass..


    • Check your DMV driver’s manual or with your local DMV office for details on your knowledge test. All states have different rules. All, however, use multiple choice.

      For California: Three alternatives. There will be one correct answer and the other two answer choices will be either obviously wrong or not appropriate for the question asked.

  123. I love this website its much easier and understandable than the book. I just took my written test last Friday and i passed so thumbs up to drivers prep i definitely recommend this to everybody!! ^_^

  124. Wow, this is quite a challenge and a great help. I keep practicing until I can score a 100%.
    This is a valuable exercise before going for the real test.Thanks a lot. Really appreciate this site.

  125. I passed my test today. This website is very helpful. Thank you!!!

  126. This is awesome, thanks so much for posting this for free, I needed help and this did it, thank you and im sure I will pass tomorrow. awesome website.

  127. This was very helpful!. I passed my test today. Thank you.

  128. I have been using this site ALL DAY LONG. I’m taking the big test this Friday, So i will be using this site til then. I feel like im going to pass. THIS WEBSITE IT TO GREAT!

  129. Hi,

    Tomorrow i will take texas instruction permit, i practiced in this website somany times. Any suggestions please……..


  130. Thumbs up, with the help of this site i passed my bmv test once.

  131. I took many of your tests and there were always new question that I had not seen before. Take the test tomorrow but feeling pretty confident.

    Thanks so much!




  133. I’m about to take the driver’s test. Driversprep has really helped me learn things I didn’t know! I do hope I pass the test! Thanks Driversprep!

  134. Thanks a lot for this website. I found it one day before going to take the test. I praticed several times. And then I passed the test in the next day. It is very helpful. It is an amazing website. 100% like it. Thanks, thanks!

  135. I had test yesterday and pass it with just 1 wrong answer!
    Some of the questions was exactly the same.
    If I didn’t practice on this amazing website I couldn’t pass it at first time.
    Thank you so much!

  136. Excellent practice. I sat for the test and passed the first time! Thank you for sharing this site for free!

  137. It is excellent for people want to excell in their tests

  138. After practicing with this site, I passed with 100%! I had been so scared as I come from Africa until I got hold of this site and practiced it. I still practice it even after getting my Driver’s license. It keeps me and others safe on the road. Thank you so much.

  139. David Wesley Kreger May 14, 2013 at 2:37 pm

    This is a God send for me. I was an over the road trucker for many years and I have operated a motor vehicle all my adult life but in 1990 I was sent to a Texas Prison where I spent 22 years before I was able to gain my freedom again. This test is preparing me for my written test better then anything else I have come across, including studying the Handbook issued by the drivers license people. Thanks again….God Bless…David

  140. This site is amazing. Practiced thru this site and passed California written test first time itself. Thanks a lot !!

  141. Well, never thought I will neeed t drive. Back where I’m coming from, everything is in a walking distance, so I never needed to drive. When you’re of age and have to take a test and it is not even in your own language, this helps a lot! Thanks!

  142. I love this web site. Not only are the photos an entertaining aid, but the comments and review section after each test group make it a fine teaching tool. From a retired teacher who knows good teaching when she sees it!

  143. Jill from Texas May 7, 2013 at 8:19 am

    Wanted to reinforce the fact stated above, this is very good way to prepare for the written test. I practised on this website for a few days and passed the test in the first go.. A comprehensive tool with very well explained answers, almost replaces the study guide..
    Thanks and good luck to current and future readers..

  144. Elizabeth Fletcher May 7, 2013 at 7:11 am

    I’ve been using this as a study guide and it has been very helpful! Taking this test is easy, interesting, and sometimes challenging. For a girl who doesn’t have the money because of farm debt this really works, helps, and is very useful!!!

  145. Adell Clifford May 5, 2013 at 9:52 pm

    I needed these tests because I took a break from driving when I had lost much of my sight due to eye problems. I’ve had the surgery and had time to heal. Now I can see well again. Meantime, many new street signs and laws have erupted that I was not aware of and could have been a problem for me now. These tests have been bringing my up to date.
    I have had a mechanical problems, however. I gave the right answer (checked it before continuing)but a different answer was opened!
    This offering is much appreciated by me.

  146. All I wanted to say is thank you.

  147. All I have to say is Drivers Prep is a wonderful idea, THANKS!!!

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  159. For a U-turn in a roundabout with multiple lanes, you should: (answer) Always enter in the left lane.

    I don’t believe this a correct answer, as if there are one or more lanes, you continue in the same
    lane throughout the roundabout without going to the left lane first.

    • You are correct in assuming that you do not change lane while driving in the roundabout.

      Remember, you choose your lane when you approach a multi-lane roundabout the same way you would when approaching any traditional multi-lane intersection. To go straight or right, get in the right lane. To go straight or left, get in the left lane. To make a U-turn, you get in the left lane. Nothing strange here.

      Multi-lane roundabouts usually have traffic signs to guide you, just like multi-lane intersections have them.

      Look for the information in your driver’s manual. (Note: not all states have this question included in our preparation tests, it is not very common).

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  168. 02-28-2013
    Just pass my driver test,in north carolina–I “ACE” it.–first try–YOUR “PREP” test help me.
    I am 68 year old from new jersey.I was prepare for all tricky question and signs.

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    well I just passed my renewal lic with 100 %, I think I have to thank you and you’re great program.
    Thanks again,

  172. Hello,

    I just moved to CA, and am preparing for the written exam. I read the question: You must show evidence of financial responsibility:

    A. When you have your car registered
    B. When you take your car to a garage after you have had an accident
    C. When you apply for your driver’s license.

    Well, I had registered my car, and was not asked for proof of financial responsibility. Was this an error on the side of the DMV? For those reading this question, the correct answer is A. :)

    Thank you for the clarification, and this website!

  173. Fantastic site, really. I must have taken 20 tests by now, and I can tick of paragraph after paragraph in the drivers manual. It seems like this site covers everything you need. nice preparation for the written test. Thank you Mark.

  174. Review

    Traveling in the direction of the arrow in this picture, which pavement marking prohibits you from passing to the left of another vehicle?
    A. The solid white line on the right side of the road.
    B. The dashed (broken) yellow line.
    C. The solid yellow line.
    D. None.
    This doesn’t seem right, it says passing to the left of another vehicle, C should be the answer

    • It says prohibits you from passing. On your side there is a broken line. This means you are permitted to pass to the left of another vehicle.

      Imagine you were driving on that road. Would you be able to pass another vehicle or not?

      I am sure it makes sense when you think about it.

      • A clarification:

        Fred posted a response to this elsewhere and wanted me to mark the correct answer; a, b, c, or d.

        I thought it was pretty obvious. The correct answer is D.

        No line prohibits passing, since there is dashed or broken yellow line on your side.

      • Mark, coming back to germany’s driver lic test you are correct; it is harder to do the test. That is why you are doing a great service to everybody, to practice and correct the test in the USA. I use youre test every day. Thanks for agreat job

  175. Just took the NJ MVC written test. They asked 6 questions on GDL

    • Thank you for sharing this!

      It really seems to be a lot of questions on one single subject.

      Do you remember more specifically what they asked?

  176. I think this site is great,
    I just like to mention; that in Germany and maybe all over europe all license including drivers lic are for life never do you renew any license, the only thing is, when you get the lic you pay several $100. You also must go to driving and theoretical school. Germany has 20 states, the lic is for all states, here you have to have a new lic in every state what a rip off

    • Thanks for your comment. Comparing with International rules is very interesting!

      I have taken the written test in a European country, and I remember it as much more difficult than any test I have seen here.

      In my experience, however, things overall do not differ that much. Unless you mess up your driving privilege, the renewal of a license in most states is a simple process that is very much the same in Germany. And just like you easily covert one state license to another when you move within US, you can do the same within most countries (maybe not all) in Europe.

      The big difference is of course that it is up to the individual state in this country to issue a driver’s license. There is no such thing as a license for the whole country.

  177. I used your practice tests – rather compulsively I admit. But I passed my CA written test with 100%! All the practice gave me confidence I would do well and took a lot of the anxiety out of the mandatory renewal at age 70! Thanks so much. I hope others will take advantage of you excellently created practice tests. They not only helped me ace my test, but also made me much better aware of safe driving rules and practices!

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  180. This test has errored out at question 15-17 more that twenty times. I am very disapointed at having to start over each time.
    This website needs help

    • Richard, it would help to let us know which state and what kind of error message you get!

      Yesterday our web host had issues with DDoS attacks, causing the whole website to become unresponsive at times. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do about that.

      Is this what you are referring to?

  181. Hello,

    I just want to say thank you for preparing and posting interactive driving test prep, which was really helpful for a person like me who have no any experience about driving. I was able to prepare myself for just 2days and passed my exam right away with an A+. Above all I thank you for posting the test for free.

  182. Love your tests (they are just as tricky as the actual, ridiculous Oregon DL Tests. 2 were
    17. Being passed to your left, correct answer was “keep speed or SLOW DOWN.” (slowing down was not mentioned in your summary of missed questions, ans would ACTUALLY be dangerous!); # 24 Circular Red sign shown white blank white rectangle inside, I said stop before proceeding, you said wrong, was “do not enter”; your picture on the response to the
    erroroneous answer suddenly included the words “Do Not Enter” in the white rectangle. Cheesy…

    • Glad you liked the tests!

      Unfair and misleading… Well, sometimes it sure feels that way.

      When you are passed by another vehicle it is important not to speed up. Instead you should keep speed or slow down to let the other vehicle merge back. Slowing down in this situation is often common courtesy and a safe driving practice. Hardly considered dangerous.

      In fact, this is also what your Oregon Manual says: you can help the other driver pass you safely by checking oncoming traffic and adjusting your speed to let the driver move back into the right lane as soon as possible.

      The question about the sign is perhaps cheesy :)

      What should you do when you see a sign with this shape, color and symbol?.

      Meaning, you should be able to recognize the sign without the words Do not Enter. No other sign is remotely close in its design. (In many parts of the world the sign actually looks like this, without the words do not enter)

      Remember, you should expect questions about the shapes and colors of traffic signs. The general idea is that you should be able to recognize a sign at a glance or in in poor visibility conditions.

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    I read the oregon driver’s manual only once but due to this practice test I was able to clear the test smoothly.
    g8 thanks

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  186. I think it is a bunch of crap to have to take the test to get Restricted drivers license at Dmv and what you study Isnt on the test you take at Dmv I Faild three times now I have to pay 200.00$ to a driving school and pass it before i can go to Dmv and take test again to get my Restricted license its just a way for state Goverment to make more Money now i cant go and get another job cant drive will have to get interlock removed and car Insurance canceld and turn in tags this state is is Mest up and Illegal Imagrants get by with driving with no license I no a few around isnt right to me or anybody else in my situation. state cant even cut us a break I have been driving for 23 years i Do not need no test to drive no every thing i need to no. I no how to drive. done Gave this state enough Money.for my my mistake please give me a break i need a ride to work my moms to old to take me here and there.

  187. These practice tests are fun and helpful, but i think there should be questions about cellphones too. on the actual permit test there is many questions about cellphones. how are we supposed to know what percentage of people use their phones while driving, we arent with them! lol

    • Usually there are a handful questions about cell phone use, but it vary by state. Let me know which state, and I’ll see if an update is needed. Thanks!

  188. The pretest is always a good thing.

  189. I would have not passed the written test the first time and maybe not the second one either, thanks for the tips

  190. I have taken several do ok on some. It would be helpful if you could put all the questions
    one missed in SINGLE TEST.

    • It requires that this website keeps track of users and results.

      I just think that there is too much of that on Internet today. I rather prefer a site with no login and tracking.

      But maybe I am wrong?

  191. Your pre-testing was very helpful and I passed by renewal license today. Thanks much.

  192. Good stuff! There are a few questions that offer more than one correct answer. However, carefully taking the test several times is a great reminder of what is correct and a great use in passing the test at DMV. Thank You.

  193. I have not taken the DMV test but once because I have a great driving record. Now they require that I am concerned cause it has been many many years. I really appreciate the free test that I took and did receive an 80% on the test. All the questions will be beneficial in helping me to pass real test.

    Thanks again

    Thureos :}

  194. Most people know they can not use cell phone when driving a vehicle but they don’t know they can use it on EMERGENCY.Such as contact law enforcement, fire departmnt and health provider. THIS IS ONE OF THE QUESTION MOST PEOPLE MISSED ON WRITTEN DRIVING TEST. Another one most people missed is KNOW WHAT IS AT TOUR SIDE, look to each side of your vehicle at intersections,crosswalks and railroad crossings.

    • Come on… Of course most people know they can use their cell phone if there is a real emergency!

      And if there really is an emergency you probably have already pulled over, haven’t you?

      Has anyone really seen this question on the written test and actually failed?

  195. this test isnt very helpful at all

  196. These online tests are harder than the actual knowledge test itself. This is a good thing. If you can consistantly pass these practice ones, you can pass the actual one. These practice ones also help you identify your weak areas that you should study from the handbook. Thank you so much for these tests!!

  197. Am so happy that I came across this test . The frist time I took the knowledge test I failed it , but immediately I saw this website I took the free test as much as I can. Then when I return for the next appointment I passed the test . I recommend it for friends out there

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  199. The test on line made it easy for me to study at home. Also I was able to take the tests over and over tell I was comforable knowing the right answers quicker. It takes paients,knowledge,right thinking, picture in the mind as if driving, and rereading the questions over 2 times to be able to pass the test.

  200. This test was so awesome and helpful! Thank you to the people who made this website :)

  201. This site has helped give me the confidence to go out and get my drivers license. Thank you for making this available to anyone online who needs help studying and learning the rules of the road.

  202. I would like to know what the law is regarding buying a 2007 car and the tags were mailed to me for the 2013 license. I bought the car in August, 2012 I am assuming that it has been smog checked since the tags are paid for.

    Since the 2013 tags are on it and they were issued prior to my paying for the car, isn’t that enough?

    I am confused! Doris

    • They will always send you tags for the year that you bought the car.

    • I hate the permit test. The questions seemed like common sense ones but they weren’t. They were almpst like trick questions. How am I ever goig to be allowde to drive? Am I going to have to drive illigally. The 25 questions are harder than 40 practice questions. The questions sucked. Seriously. I hate this.

      • Yea i hate the test too a lot…prob more than you. I took the permit test like 15 20 times and failed, but I studied my ass off. The book is way different stuff than online and that how I kept failing from studying from the book. Im gonna try again until i get it.. =/

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