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Seat Belt Reminder From Ohio

Winter Crash

Important Seat Belt Reminder

Winter weather or not, it is always important to wear your seat belt. You should also make sure that all passengers buckle up, even if the state law does not require it. Seat belts save lives.

During winter months many drivers fail to adjust to existing conditions. The general rule for driving on winter roads with snow or ice is to drive slowly and keep a safe following distance (more than three seconds). And to buckle up.

This important seat belt reminder is published by The Ohio State Highway Patrol. It is a dash-cam video of a young man who loses control of his vehicle and is thrown out. The young man survives the crash. Next time he might not be as lucky.

Questions on Your DMV Test

On your real Ohio BMV test you are very likely to find a question about safety belts. Often, you are asked about the myths around safety belts. Like, do you need to buckle up when you are just going around the block? There may also be questions about the benefits of wearing a seat belt. Where the law requires everyone to wear safety belt, that type of question is also common.

Ohio’s mandatory safety belt, as an example, requires only drivers and front-seat passengers to wear safety belts.

It is important that you understand the difference between what you should do (always wear a safety belt, regardless of seating position) and what you must do. Read more: about safety belt laws in United States.

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