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Resources for Your Rhode Island Driver's License and Permit Test

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Rhode Island Knowledge Test

Who Must Take the Rhode Island DMV Test?

If you apply for an initial Rhode Island driver's license or permit and have not been licensed before, you must pass a computerized knowledge exam. For applicants less than 18, CCRI (Community College of Rhode Island) offers a Driver Education Program. This program also includes knowledge testing. Other first-time applicants must take the examination at the DMV main office in Cranston.

When you move to Rhode Island and hold an out-of-state driver's license that has been expired for more than one year, you must apply for the Instruction Permit by taking the Rhode Island knowledge test at the DMV main office in Cranston. If your out-of-state license is still valid or expired less than a year, the knowledge test is usually waived.

Anyone holding a valid driver's license from a foreign country may retain the foreign country license, but must apply for the Instruction Permit and successfully pass the knowledge examination as well as the road test.

Rhode Island Computerized DMV Test

The computerized knowledge test is based on motor vehicle laws of Rhode Island and common rules of the road. Make sure you study the driver's manual to prepare for the test. While Rhode Island does not record failure rates on the DMV knowledge test, researchers agree that the Rhode Island DMV tests is a relatively more difficult test, compared to other states.

The test is available in other languages than English upon request. Oral tests can also be offered. No appointment is necessary for the knowledge test, but if you have special needs, make sure you check with the Cranston DMV office in advance.

Are You Ready for Your Drivers Permit Test?

Prepare for the Rhode Island DMV Permit Test

As the Rhode Island DMV test is one of the toughest tests in the country, you should prepare well. Get a copy of the Rhode Island Driver's Manual or download the pdf-version from All questions on the DMV permit test are based on the facts in this manual. It is a good idea to get familiar with all areas of the manual before you start practicing with the online permit tests. Pay special attention to facts that are bolded, underlined, or contained in a special note.

Start preparing well ahead of your permit exam. Study the manual and take some driver permit practice tests to make sure you have fully understood the content of the driver's manual.

Practice Permit Tests at Driver's Prep

Each permit and driver practice test at has 25 questions, covering different areas of the manual. You should correctly answer at least 20 questions to reach the Rhode Island passing score of 80 percent. Before you attempt the real knowledge exam, you should go for a score of at least 92%. This will make you more confident and you are much more likely to pass the real test.

Read Carefully

The most important thing to remember when you take a test is to read all questions and choices carefully. When you take the permit practice tests you will see questions repeated with different choices and different wording. This is to help you stay focused on the meaning of each question and to avoid that you just click on something that looks familiar.

All questions are multiple-choice. Only one choice is correct or considered the best answer.


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