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Resources for Your Arizona Driver's License and Permit Test

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Arizona Knowledge Test

Who Must Take the Arizona MVD Knowledge Test?

If you are applying for your first driver's license you must take a written knowledge test, vision test and road test. You may also need to take the written test after your license has been revoked.

If you are currently licensed in another state and are required to obtain an Arizona license, the MVD written test will normally be waived. However, there are some situations when it may be required. Make sure you contact your local MVD office and ask.

After a license revocation, you must apply for a new license and passing the written test again is normally required.

The License and Drivers Permit Test

How many questions are on the Arizona MVD test? The driver's license and permit test has 30 multiple-choice questions. You take the test at a computer work station using a touch screen. All questions are randomly drawn from a pool of questions based on content of the Arizona Driver License Manual.

If you have trouble reading, you may request a verbal knowledge test. Such a test may be offered in the following situations:

  • You cannot read or your reading competency is low.
  • You have incorrectly answered a large number of questions on a previous test or has failed a second or third attempt.
  • You read in a foreign language and a written test in the foreign language is not available.

You have three attempts to pass the written test within 12 months from the date of the application. If you fail a test, you may take it again the next day. After failing three times, you must pay for a new application.

Are You Ready for Your Drivers Permit Test?

How to Prepare for Your Arizona Knowledge Test

Start by getting the latest version of the Arizona Driver License Manual and Customer Service Guide. All permit test questions are taken from this manual. It helps you learn safe driving techniques as well as the Arizona motor vehicle laws. When studying for your test, pay special attention to facts that are bolded or highlighted.

Start preparing well in advance of your knowledge exam. Safe driving and learning the rules of the road should be taken seriously. For your safety and for the safety of everyone else on the road.

We suggest that you start preparing at least two weeks before the real test.

Practice Permit Test

When you have thoroughly studied the manual, you should take several of the driver's ed practice tests to make sure you are ready for the real examination.

Each permit practice test has 25 questions. 20 correctly answered questions mean a passing score on the practice test (80%). You should, however, aim for a score of 92% or more on each permit practice test before you are truly ready for the real thing.

Remember to Read All DMV Questions Carefully

Read questions and every choice carefully. There are a large number of DMV test questions, so you should NOT focus on memorizing exact phrases. Instead you should focus on understanding. DMV test questions may be repeated with several different choices and different wording. It is easy to trick yourself into answering too quickly, just because something looks familiar.

Getting someone to study together with will improve your learning even more. Discuss questions and answers you don't understand.

All practice questions and exam questions are multiple-choice or true/false. Only one choice is correct. If you make an incorrect choice, be sure to study that chapter in the driver license manual. If you still have questions, you may use our report function and we will try to help.


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