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Prevent Your Mail Ballot from Being Rejected

Understanding absentee voting, mail-in voting and early voting - Copyright Washington Post

Time to Rake Action!

Several states have accepted vote-by-mail to make it more convenient to vote. This year it is easier than ever, and it helps prevent the spread of COVID-19 among large crowds at polling places.

You should, however, be aware that it may be the Trump and GOP game plan to get as many of those ballot votes tossed. So, it is a good idea to vote in person if you can. And vote early.

Mail Balloting System

There are two kinds of mail balloting systems: universal vote-by-mail and absentee balloting.

In a few states, voters need an excuse for the absentee ballot such as being sick or out of the state on Election Day. Other states, accept basically any reason for the absentee ballot or they provide the option by mailing absentee ballots to all registered voters.

Nearly 200 million Americans are eligible to vote by mail in these elections.

Despite widespread accusations from the administration that the system favors Democrats, research suggests neither party gains an advantage.

And there is no evidence that mail ballots increase electoral fraud.

How to Make Sure Your Vote is Counted

 Make sure you are registered to vote.

 Get a mail ballot from election officials.

In most states, you must find and submit a request form or making the request for the mail ballot through an online system. Check the rules in your state today.

 Read and follow the instructions.

Depending on state, rules for a mail ballot may be strict. If you don’t understand how to complete your ballot, contact your local election officials as soon as possible.

 Your signature must match.

You will be asked to sign your name at least once to complete the mail ballot. Election officials may compare this signature with an old signature, if they don’t match your ballot might be rejected.

 Don’t add stray writing or marks to the ballot.

 Don’t use your own envelope to return a ballot.

Insert the ballot into the secrecy envelope, and then insert that envelope into the larger envelope with the mailing address and postage. Ballots sent back without the inner envelope will be rejected in some states, with no opportunity for voters to vote again and fix the problem.

 Return your ballot as soon as possible.

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Registration Deadlines

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