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Practice Permit Test NY with 800+ Questions

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Practice Permit Test NY with New Questions!

Practice permit test for New York State just got better and easier with driver’s prep. The NY database has grown from 500+ questions to more than 800 questions.

Many sites claim they can match our unique database with extensive driver’s education questions and answer. The simple fact is that they can’t – no other online site has more relevant questions and answers than


Quality Permit Practice Tests

We don’t just copy questions from other sources, like many websites do. We base all test questions and answers on thorough and careful research. Questions are always based on the information from your state’s division of motor vehicles or licensing department.

By being attentive to accuracy and detail, we can offer quality permit practice tests that will help you pass your knowledge exam with less frustration. With some proven pedagogical practices we try to make sure you just don’t memorize phrases, but actually expand your knowledge. We believe that real knowledge will help you become a better and safer driver.

Even if many question may be similar across states, like road sign questions, a great deal of our questions are exclusive and specific to just one, or a few, states. The questions on the New York test are drawn directly from the NYS driver’s manual and NYS DMV.

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Our State Tests Have at Least 600 Questions!

Currently, all of our state prep tests have at least 600 unique questions. New York practice tests contain more than 800 question. Florida and California have more than 1,000 questions.

This also make an ideal complement to any Driver Education course you may be mandated to take by your state’s rules.

How Many Questions Do You Need?

Everyone processes and learns new information in different ways. The number of questions and tests an individual may need will also differ.

Research, however, shows taking practice tests and spreading your studies over time work the best. In other words, using practice tests is a smart way to prepare for the real knowledge test so you can do your best on exam day. This is also why you need a resource like with many questions to get variety and repetition.

Read the Manual

Remember, all DMV exams are designed to verify that you have read the driver handbook or driver’s manual. Questions are drawn from all areas in the booklet.

Even if our prep tests cover everything in the driver’s manual, they should never be your main source of learning. Make sure you read the booklet published by your state department. It will give you a good overview of all items that may be covered on your test.

Questions That Aren’t in the Manual

Now and then, we get mails from frustrated test takers that claim they got questions that were not in the manual. In most cases this is not true. The information is generally available in the manual. It may, however, not be spelled out in the same way as in the test question. That is why variation in your practice test is so important.

We have it, others don’t.

New York State Test on YouTube

DMV Questions in Exam Mode

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