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Perry’s Veto Against Texting in Texas

Governor of Texas Rick Perry

Governor of Texas Rick Perry Stops Texting Law

Gov. Rick Perry says he “support measures that make our roads safer for everyone“. But he does not support a law that does texting while driving illegal.

Texting while driving is reckless and irresponsible“, Perry continues. But he does not want to “micromanage the behavior of adults“.

So he issues a veto against Texas House Bill 242, which would have banned texting while driving in Texas.

Right or Wrong?

What do you think?

There is no doubt that Perry’s veto isn’t well received by communities and cities in Texas. Learn more about the Texas Cell Phone Laws for your Texas DPS written test!

Photo by Michael Vadon (wikimedia)

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  1. What is with this dumb S.O.B? I hope and pray that he never be the victim of a driver texting caused car wreck.

  2. Him as president, and Sarah as vice p. Yipeee.

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