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Ohio and Legal Presence

legal presence

User Complaints about Legal Presence

Laura writes regarding a question in the Ohio test:

You do NOT need to be an American citizen to obtain an Ohio driving license. You do not even need a social security number. You only need your passport and your visa that allows you to be in the U.S.

I’m very disappointed to find such a blatant error. Now I am unsure if the other questions are accurate so can no longer use what I believed to be a very useful site.

As grateful as I’m sure everyone using this site is for the free help, it becomes a hindrance when the answers are wrong. If you cannot provide 100% accuracy in the legalities of driving you should not be promoting the site as a method to learn the rules of driving.

Our Answer:

Mark answers:

The question actually asks in which situations you can be denied a driver’ license in Ohio (“Who Cannot Obtain a Driver License”).

The wording in our question is the same as in the Digest of Ohio Motor Vehicle Laws where a license is not issued to a person who is not a citizen of the United States – due to Legal Presence Law without legal documentation.

But I certainly agree, this information in the handbook can cause confusion, since a legal presence in U.S. and a resident address in Ohio may qualify you for a driver’s license.

The question is now updated with additional clarifications.

Please note, we do not promote this as a place for learning the rules of driving. Your primary source must always be the state’s driver’s manual or handbook (or Digest of Ohio Motor Vehicle Laws in this case). is only a place to test your knowledge.

If you have study your state handbook you will easily see if the answers we give are correct or not.

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  1. Taken several tests. Found no errors. OK, I missed a few, since they were a bit tricky. But you get five stars in my book!

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