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ND Permit Practice Test (North Dakota) – 1,000 Questions

North Dakota Driver's License - Sample

NDDOT Practice Tests – Now 1,000 Questions

Are you ready for your North Dakota instruction permit or operator’s license test? Research shows that nothing will help you better than the free online permit practice tests at! Our free online practice tests are designed as a basic reference for all drivers. They are excellent help to prepare for the written driver’s examination.

We have expanded our database with more questions and answers to cover all areas in the NDDOT Driver’s License Manual. The database currently holds more than 1,000 questions. You will not find this anywhere else. This large amount of questions gives enough variation to help you pass the exam without any worries. Unlike your friends you will enter the DMV office with complete confidence, knowing you will pass!

Start by getting and reading the North Dakota Driver’s Manual. All questions on your exam will be drawn from this book. The book will introduce you to traffic laws, rules of the road, and other safe driving practices. Never forget that becoming a safe driver is your main objective. Not the exam itself.

Best Use of Practice Tests

While some users jump to the permit practice test before reading the manual, it is not something we recommend. It is the combination of the manual and our free practice tests that will help you succeed. Use the tests to verify your new knowledge. When you miss a question (marked red) on a practice test, make sure you understand why. There is a short comment, usually based on the information in the manual. Make sure you read it. Trying to just memorize answers is not a good strategy.

The Written Exam

You don’t need an appointment to take the written examination or the visual screen test (but you must have an appointment for the road test). You will be allowed to take the written test up to one hour before noon (if the office closes for lunch) and one hour prior to closing. The fee for the written test is $5.00. Obviously, cheating is not allowed. You cannot have children, backpacks, purses, and electronic devices such as cell phones in the testing area. Make sure you know what documents to bring, you don’t want to be sent home because something is missing!

The test consists of 25 question and you must answer 20 questions correctly.

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