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No to Tougher Seat Belt Law

Mike Schneider, Nevada

Nevada Says No to Tougher Law

Nevada state senate committee turned back a tougher seat belt law last week.

Current law allows officers to issue a citation only if the driver is stopped for another traffic infraction. The proposed law would allow police to stop a motorist and issue a citation solely for not wearing a seat belt.

The committee heard testimony that 93 percent of Nevadans already buckle up. Sen. Mike Schneider, said the buckle-up rate is only 30 percent at night. The 93 percent figure cited is falsified to get federal funds, he charged.

Wearing a seat belt might be a personal choice, but everyone ends up paying to treat those injured because they aren’t buckled up, Mike Schneider argued.

Motorcycle Helmet

At the same time committee passed a bill allowing adults to ride motorcycles without a helmet.

“This is costing society millions of dollars. No way does this benefit the state of Nevada,” Schneider said.


Source: Las Vegas Sun

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  1. That is cynical. Are you saying that someone that is hurt and disabled doesn’t deserve our help?

  2. Riders without helmet inmvolved in serious accidents usually die. With helmet they get diasabled for life and cost even more. If anyone is stupid enough not to wear a motorcycle helmet rest of us should just be grateful.

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