Companies who may not treat you right after a car accident

A List by Auto Accident Attorney Steven M. Gursten

Michigan No-Fault insurance lawyer lists the worst auto insurance companies.

Auto accident attorney Steven M. Gursten claims that auto insurance companies make a lot of money by not paying on legitimate claims. He says that many of these auto insurance companies believe that you eventually will become so fed up that you’ll take a low-ball settlement offer. And that is their strategy. Delay your claim, Deny you were hurt and Defend aggressively. The 3 Ds strategy.

Gursten’s Worst Insurance Company in Michigan Award goes to Dairyland Insurance.

Seven days after a crash, the Dairyland Insurance sent a release to its own injured customers extinguishing all of their legal rights, past, present and future. The accident victim signed this release, and lost all future No-Fault insurance benefits and claims.

Insurance Company Skunk Award

Farm Bureau Insurance is Gursten’s Winner of the Insurance Company Skunk Award.

A lawyer is not supposed to stand up in court and intentionally mislead a jury. But, according to Gursten, Farm Bureau is doing this in serious auto accident injury cases every day.

Repeat Offender Award

Allstate Insurance Company and State Farm Insurance are Gursten’s Winners of his Repeat Offender Award.

Allstate cut payments as a way to boost profits. They are doing this with a computer program designed to reduce claims payouts and by pushing injury victims to accept quick but very low settlements. State Farm is the most aggressive in accusing its own customers of fraud, putting them under investigation, and fighting payments.

Auto accident attorney Steven M. Gursten was honored by Michigan Lawyers Weekly as a Lawyer of the Year. You read his list of the worst insurance companies here