Prepare For the DMV Test

A lot of people take their DMV knowledge test without being prepared. They think that a DMV test is all common sense since they already know how to drive. Others just get nervous, not knowing what to expect.

In fact, two out of three fail their first attempt at the DMV test.

That is why we created this site. We don’t want you to fail; we want you to pass the first time.

The Manual

Reading the driver’s manual is a must. The DMV test is all about verifying that you have done just that.

Don’t just use your eyes when you are reading. The exact recall of specific words and quotations can have the opposite effect in a test. You should try to see the bigger picture, instead of isolated facts.

Discuss questions with others. As an example, why should you use a two-second or three-second following distance? Why do the seconds matter?

Prepare in Time

Start early and read the manual. Don’t cram. Give the manual at least a week or two. After each chapter, try to summarize what you have read. What was important?

If you were to create a test, what would you ask?


Being familiar with how the test works is very important. Our practice tests are based on the way the written DMV tests work in most states. You will be given multiple-choice questions with three or four answers. Only one is correct.

Take practice tests every day until you easily score 90% or more.

The Questions

Read the question again, because this is where you are most likely to fail.

Some read too much into questions, anxious not to be the victim of a trick question. Others glance directly at the answers. When they see a familiar phrase that they believe is correct, they don’t look at the question again.

There are no trick questions on the real DMV knowledge test. Questions are usually very simple and straight-forward with clear answers. (The DMV practice tests on this site are harder!).

The difference between giving a question a quick glance or read it carefully is not that big! Remember, you are usually NOT in a hurry. Take your time!


What if you have no clue, should you guess?

You might see a real DMV question where you have really no clue about the answer. After taking our practice tests, we don’t believe that will happen, but still… What should you do in this situation?

If you can save the question until later, do that (most states allow this on their exam)! Otherwise, take a guess. But don’t despair if the answer is wrong, just move forward.

However, do not guess too often. If you have read the manual, you should know the answer. Relax and try to picture yourself with the manual. Surely it was in there somewhere? Think and discuss with yourself. Remembering images often helps.

If you need to guess several times, you are probably not ready for your DMV exam. If you fail, just prepare better next time. Go back to the manual and go back to these free practice tests.