Study and Practice
Some people say the driver’s license written test is just common sense.

Well, there is no common sense without knowledge. And there are no knowledge without studying.

The best advice is to read your DMV Handbook and know it from beginning to end. It may seem overkill to know some of the details, especially those that seem less critical to driving safety, but you can never know too much.

As an example, there is almost always a question about drinking and driving. Your driver’s manual probably has some statistics related to drinking and driving, or the penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol. Know your numbers. Just in case.

The second advice is to practice as much as possible, and in good time. Take your first practice test a couple of weeks before your exam. Then take a few tests each day in the weeks that follow. Don’t wait until the last minute to soak up knowledge and to make sure you know your stuff.

And remember, read through each question and every possible answer carefully. There are no trick questions. But sometimes it is easy to jump to conclusions too quickly. Take your time! Make sure you understand each question and each alternative.

If you have passed several practice tests on this site, I am pretty sure you will not fail your final test. But should you not pass, try to learn something from it. Can you remember what it was that kept you from passing? Some questions you have never seen before? Let us and others know. It will help us improve this site, and it will help others.