California Permit Practice Now on YouTube

In an effort to make our permit questions and answers more accessible, we have uploaded additional permit practice tests on YouTube. The idea is to make video short enough for quick viewing and easy to digest. Studying to get your California permit or full driver’s license has probably never been easier.

We suggest that you take several permit practice test on our website to learn and fully understand the contents of the 2015 California Driver Handbook. Use the videos when you are on the go and need a quick reminder.

Three Practice Videos Online

The first California DMV Permit Practice set consists of three videos. We will release additional sets during March and April, until we cover all DMV questions.

Remember, questions can be asked in many different ways. Just trying to memorize phrases is usually not a good idea. Make sure you fully understand questions and answers. The overwhelming majority of serious teen driver crashes are the result of “critical errors” and “lack of knowledge”. The more you know, the safer you will be on the road. Take every test seriously.

Studies That Will Pay Off

New drivers who use our California DMV permit practice tests have an overall pass rate of 95% on their first California Driver Examination. In other words, studying the California Driver Handbook and taking several online practice tests at will pay off.

Our tests are highly rated by high schools, colleges and driving schools. We also have great reviews on social media. You can be sure that we have the questions and answers you need.

Give Us Feedback

If you find errors, or don’t like something on our permit practice tests, let us know. We constantly work to improve. If our practice test helped you to prepare and to pass your examination, let others know! Help us spread the word to your friends.

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