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New Tough Measures in California

Suspended drivers license

Tax Trouble?

If you cannot pay your state tax, you cannot drive.

This is reality in California.

On October 4 2011, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill requiring the California’s motor vehicle department to suspend the driver’s licenses of its worst tax delinquents. The new law expands an existing program by doubling the number of names on the published lists and adding the license suspensions.

Suspended License

The suspensions will affect the state’s top 1,000 tax debtors. Hollywood celebrities, IT millionaires, athletes, doctors, lawyers, major builders and hundreds of others will be targeted under this legislation. Among them Halsey Minor, founder of CNET, and former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson.

It’s time that the worst tax debtors in our state know we mean business, says Henry T. Perea of Fresno.

What will the next step be?

Source: Wall Street Journal

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