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New Record Sales for KIA

Kia Sales 2012Compared to 2011, Car sales were up 13% September 2012.

As earlier this year, Toyota and Honda posted significant increases. Toyota sales soared 42 percent. Honda sales grew 31 percent. As you remember, both were hit tsunami-related supply problems in 2011.

Other automakers are working against inflated totals last year, and consequently report small increases or flat sales this September.

General Motors lagged behind the industry average increase with a 2 percent gain. Ford stayed flat. Chrysler group was the only U.S.-brand automaker to reach the average, a 12 percent increase. Fiat showing an impressive 51 percent growth.

Hyundai – KIA grew faster than the overall market with a 23 percent increase. KIA sells less SUV, but car sales make up the difference. Sales were led the Optima mid-size sedan, Soul and Sorento crossovers. US-built KIA vehicles (Sorento and Optima ) represent more than 50% of all KIAs sold in the USA during September.

September was the 25th consecutive month of record sales for KIA.

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