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Getting tired on taking free online Oregon DMV practice tests? We have uploaded full-length (35 questions) test videos on YouTube. This is an additional resource to get familiar with questions on the DMV test and to get ready for the final knowledge examination. We have found that videos work well as a quick recap or refresher of your knowledge.

Practice tests and online videos have all the questions about road signs, traffic laws and other information you need to know to drive in Oregon, and to pass the Oregon standard knowledge test and the safe driving practices test (under 18 years). This your best resource for successfully pass any DMV test and get your permit or license.

Do you need the videos? Well, researchers say that connecting to the visual content, like being drawn in by a video, help retain concepts and facts. Just like the active learning with practice tests. Both help you more than reading the same thing in a text book.

The Benefit of Online Test Videos

Each practice video resembles the style and format of the real exam. The two videos below also have the same number of questions, covering the same areas. They will give a rough idea of how long the test will take and hopefully reduce some of your test anxiety.

Oregon DMV Videos -

Shorter videos for quick recaps will also be available soon.

Challenge Friends and Family

Watching a video together with friends and family is a great way to improve your learning. Who can answer a question first? Who can explain why a choice is correct and the others are wrong?

Of course, the video gets all the answers right. Every correct choice is revealed after 10-15 seconds.

A Supplement to Oregon DMV Practice Test

Remember, the videos are a supplement to the online practice. Through videos, you watch someone else demonstrate the exam and picking correct answers. This demonstration improves your learning. You are not lured into clicking or tapping on a choice too quickly. You get time to reason. Best of all, the image of a correct answer sits there for a moment and usually sticks in your mind.

Taking a train ride or sitting in a waiting room used to be ideal situations for reading a text book. They are now perfect for watching a streaming video. A video helps to make your studies for your learner’s permit or driver’s license even more flexible.

The self-study technique with online practice tests, however, leaves an even more powerful impact on your memory. This is because you are more active. The more you engage in your studies, the faster and better you will learn.

The latest major update to the Oregon DMV practice test for 2016 – 2017 was made in April: Oregon DMV Practice Tests Just Got Easier!

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