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Get ready for you driver’s license or permit with relevant drivers ed practice tests. At you get more practice questions than on any other website.

We are constantly reviewing our database; adding, modifying, and removing drivers ed questions. As of October, 2014, the California and Florida Practice tests are based on more than 1,000 driving test questions and answers! All other states are also being updated.

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Let us know how we are doing. Based on feedback, most users of our permit practice tests pass their exam the first time. Should you fail, let us know and tell us what we missed. We always want to make this site better! Contact us here.

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  1. Wynette Carol Cowen May 5, 2016 at 2:08 pm

    I’ll be 93 years old on my birthday, 5-23, when renewing my license is requested. I would like to get an ID card and relinquish my drivers license. Can I do this online (as it’s a problem getting a ride to the DMV office near me in Seaside, CA) or must I make an appointment out there?

  2. i loaned a car and now they wont return it. i said i wuld sell it t them but they wont pay or show up at the dmv to transfer the car into their name. the woman has a criminal past of fraud and identity d\theft which i did not know of at the time. what can i do

  3. In April, 2014, I received a ‘redlight camera” citation. I registered for traffic school in September, but was quite ill and was in the hospital and then 7 day-a-week at home care for 8 weeks. By the time this was over, I completely forgot about the school. When I got my new insurance quote, it had almost doubled. I called 21st Century and was informed in order to get the ticket removed, I’d have to get permission from the court for a belated school attendance. I want to Santa Monica Court and the judge said ‘no problem, go ahead, you’re clear for a new appointment. I asked the clerk and was told no paperwork was required from them. I made arrangements with Comedy For Less Traffic School TVS #1152 and attended the 8-hour class on 6/6/15. I have the certificate from the (instructor TVI License #18004577, which states in bold print ‘THIS WILL BE USED TO ELECTRONICALLY INPUT YOUR TRAFFIC SCHOOL COMPLETION’. I did get another ticket (exact same thing) in April, 2015. My insurance company just sent me a new bill with BOTH tickets and a very high premium, which I cannot afford. I spoke to a very rude young woman who said they received no word from DMV that the first ticket from 4/14 was deleted and she could do nothing about it and I would have to contact the DMV myself. Hence, this very lengthy memo. Please Let me know how I can get this straightened out. I have been with this insurance company over 30 years, but am getting fed up with their lack of service and help. Thank you very much for any light you can shed or any help you can offer. I know I cannot attend traffic school for the second ticket as it wouldn’t be 18 months apart.

  4. I was wondering how I could remove my comment where it says how much you scored on the practice test it was an accident :/ I accidently commented with a friends account.

    • I am guessing you are referring to a comment through a Facebook account. Only the owner of the account can delete such a comment. (Unlike the comments on this page, we have no access to Facebook comments)

  5. Took a general knowledge today and I believe I was given the wrong test as none of the answers were found in the study manual. Naturally I failed and the test never showed me the correct answer, plus it shut off before I could answer all my questions. That’s not fair. Now my record shows that I have failed the test and I have to wait a week to take it again. I am supposed to start a job this week. I don’t know what to study to pass this test.

  6. Ernesto calderon July 14, 2015 at 1:36 pm

    Tests to practice

  7. Do you have any test for drive school buses?

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