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How To Pass Your Driving Test

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Learn to Drive

When it comes to learning how to drive and pass the driving test, I would recommend that you turn to a qualified instructor rather than a family member or a friend of your family.

A spouse, boy friend or girl friend might be a really bad choice. Learning how to drive from someone who isn’t a qualified instructor often mean that you pick up some bad habits along with the good ones.

We All Got Personal Driving Habits

It is very common that someone who has been driving for a long time becomes less focused on certain things. While these driving habits might not be dangerous or bad, they may still cause you to fail your test.

Everybody can tell you that the way you will drive to pass your driving test is slightly different from the way you will end up driving on an everyday basis. We all develop some personal driving habits with time.

But you should still try to learn the best driving techniques from someone who is trained to teach you. And you should try to stick to them. After all, a qualified driving instructor is an expert. He or she will do everything to help you learn safe driving practices. There is a range of details that you must pay attention to, if you want to be safe and good driver.

How Quickly Will You Learn?

If you pick up driving skills quickly or not, is usually up to you. A driving instructor can often tell which clients will do well, because those clients are usually very keen to learn, listen very carefully so as not to miss vital information, ask questions if they don’t understand, and read up on the subjects covering in the lessons.

You should also try to practice driving as much as possible. 60 hours is usually a minimum. Try to do at least 100 hours. You should also practice in the vehicle you intend to use for your actual driving test. You want to be comfortable with the car and its equipment. Know where all controls are located and know how to use them.

Don’t Forget the Manual

Before you can take a road test, you are usually required to pass a written exam as well as the vision test. I see no excuse for failing the written theory test. Every state’s manual or handbook is mandatory reading. And there is usually plenty of other material around, including the practice tests on this site. Just avoid the risky study tactics that can cause you to fail!

Remember, the driver’s manual or driver handbook has plenty of good advice on safe driving techniques. Make sure you study it carefully. The more you know, the better driver you will be. In addition, the better driver you are, the less likely it is that you end up in an accident.

Pass the Driving Test the First Time

Read everything carefully and you will pass both the written knowledge test and road test the first time.

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  1. luc-prince semoins August 21, 2012 at 4:28 pm

    how can i do to pass driving test?

  2. Wanted to ask you, that I was in the middle of a 30 question sample, and took a break between answerring my 21 questions out of the 30, then I came bak to my computer and by accident I back spaced out of the quesstion of 30 I was in, and now I was going to continue after my eye break(i am 73) AND NEED A BREAK, HOW DO I RETREIVE THE 21 QUESTIONS I ANSWERED SO THAT I CAN REVIEW WHICH MISTAKES I MADE FOR MY RECORD AND STUDY?



    • Unfortunately you cannot retrieve old questions, or even go back in your test, at this point. In a near future, there might be shorter tests for some states that currently have more than 25 questions.

  3. it is mainly common sense you just gotta look over the book and study and you will pass it.*

  4. Most of the stuff is common sense. Just read every question carefully. One alternative is always way wrong, exclude that one right away. Then read what the other two actually says. It is not difficult to pick the right one if you use your brain. People who fail just don’t take their time to read everything. Thanks.

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