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Michelin tires - Copyright Michelin

First, consider your individual needs. What, where, and how do you drive?

No tire is perfect for all situations.

Some, however, provide a better overall grip, comfort, and tread life. These are all important for you as a tire buyer.

Over the last three years alone, Consumer Reports tested more than 180 tire models from 23 brands in nine major categories for cars, sports cars, and trucks, including all-season, winter, summer, and all-terrain tires.

All tires are rated for individual performance in areas of braking, handling, resistance to hydroplaning, winter grip, ride and noise, rolling resistance, and tread life (excluding winter tires).

1. Michelin

Even if you usually pay premium price for a Michelin tire, five of their models are top rated! This means value for your money.

Overall, Michelin also has a top-five tire model in every category (all-season, performance all-season, winter, all-season truck, all-terrain truck, winter truck, ultra-high-performance all-season, ultra-high-performance summer, and performance winter).

Brand highs include dry and wet braking, handling, tread life, fuel efficiency based on rolling resistance, and winter grip (winter tires).

2. Continental

Continental comes in second in Consumer Reports rating. It has eight models in the top-five brackets It misses out in winter and having no available model tested in our all-terrain category.

Brand highs include good balance of price, all-weather grip, and tread life for most models.

3. Goodyear and Pirelli

Goodyear has five models in the top-five brackets, tied with Pirelli. Most of Goodyear tires do fine in the tests.

Pirelli P Zero Nero All-Season comes in as a top-rated tire in the ultra-high-performance all-season category.

The complete result list

  1. Michelin
  2. Continental
  3. Goodyear, Pirelli
  4. Hankook, Nokian
  5. Yokohama
  6. Bridgestone, Cooper, Dunlop, Kumho
  7. General, Nexen, Sumitomo, Uniroyal

Bridgestone makes some great winter tires, but its all-season offerings are unimpressive.

Get the most out of your tires

Get the most life and performance out of your tires by checking tire pressure on a regular basis. The most important factor when it comes to premature or uneven tire wear is the amount of air pressure you have in your tires.

Rotate your tires every 5,000 miles. It prevents two of your tires from wearing faster than the other two.

Balance of your wheels every 15,000 miles.

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