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Taking a testBefore visiting a DMV service center to take a knowledge test, study the Motorist’s Handbook so you are prepared and know the material about which you will be tested. The handbook defines what you are expected to know and will be held responsible for knowing.

Test questions are taken from all sections of the handbook. This means that any information found in the handbook may appear in the test. Don’t think you can skip reading the handbook.

The free practice tests at now cover all aspects of the handbook. We have more than 500 questions in our database to make sure that you don’t fail your real knowledge test. Start your practice at least a week before the real test. Run a couple of tests each day. When you can answer more than 90% of the questions correctly you are in good shape for a real test.

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A knowledge test in Wisconsin is required for:

  • New drivers getting their first instruction permit.
  • New Wisconsin residents with a license from a foreign country.
  • New Wisconsin residents with an out-of-state license expired more than eight years.
  • Drivers wanting to add a new class and/or endorsement to their existing driver license.
  • Renewal of a school bus (S) and/or hazardous materials (H) endorsement.
  • Drivers with a Wisconsin license expired more than eight years.
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