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Driver’s Prep Releases Maryland Permit Practice Test Videos

You will now find more Maryland MVA practice test questions and answers in our permit practice test videos on YouTube. The videos are complement to our practice tests and help you prepare for the Maryland MVA permit test even faster. They are a perfect help when you are on the go and need to refresh your knowledge.

Passing the Maryland Learner’s Permit Exam

All new drivers must pass the MVA written knowledge test to get a learner’s permit. Our practice tests and permit practice test videos are specifically designed to help you get ready for the exam as quickly and effortless as possible.

Before you do anything else, get a copy of the Maryland Driver’s Manual from your nearest MVA office or download it online at

All exam questions and answers are drawn from this manual. Make sure you read it. Then, use the online practice tests to verify what you have learned. You will soon recognize the answers from the contents of the manual.


The MVA Exam is Timed

Unlike many other states, the real Maryland permit exam is timed. Today, the allotted time is 20 minutes. Some students falsely believe that this isn’t enough. They are lured into answering questions as quickly as possible. Which, in most cases, results in a large number of errors that could have been avoided otherwise.

Look at the permit practice test videos (they run for half of the allotted time!) and see if you can fully read everything and pick the correct answer.

Remember, at the real exam, you will have twice as much time, which means you should be able to read everything twice before answering. It is better to make sure you understand everything and are sure about the correct choice, than rush through to the next question. One error can be just one too many.

Practice Tests Are Not Timed

Since the permit practice tests at are aimed to work as a tutorial, we do not time our practice tests. The 100% free online format gives you total control, convenience, and flexibility. You have access to the most comprehensive pool of MVA questions 24/7. It gives you the freedom to study for your MVA learner’s permit wherever and whenever you please.

Rest assured, if you’re a first-time driver looking for a convenient way of studying, this is your best choice. We strive to always have the large number of questions and answers up-to-date and accurate. Whenever Maryland laws change or mistakes are found in the question pool, corrections are made as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours.

Instant Feedback

You have access to instant feedback on all questions. Read the comments and compare with the contents of your driver’s manual. If anything is unclear, you have the possibility to contact us with questions. This is included in our service and 100% FREE!


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  1. Me to i keep felling to wondering if they giving the right test out

  2. William W Martin May 12, 2018 at 8:38 pm

    My name is william i been study driving for months now and I want pass this test but when I go take the test I fail for times on this computer test and I reading this book like 15 times.

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